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Twitter Poll: Who should be in right field?

On Friday, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Are you happy with the right-field platoon of Willie Harris and Willy Taveras? Why?

Of the 40 people who responded, 35 made it clear that they were not happy with the right-field platoon, while five were OK with the situation. 

Here’s what some of the Twitter followers had to say:

@CraigsOnABoat: It’s time to let our young guns sink or swim. Roger Bernadina is ready and has a much better makeup for right field than Harris/Tavares.

@NotRizzo:  Absolutely not happy about Taveras. Mike Morse is a much better option vs. left-handed pitching.

@NFA_Brian: I would rather see Bernadina get a chance to sink/swim.

@emmi1966: I’d prefer to see one guy have the job.

@tylerradecki: I think the team should stick with Bernadina and give him a chance instead of Taveras. See what Roger can do with a platoon.

@LeperMessiah: No. Neither is experienced in right field and Taveras is not a Major League  bat.

@SacksJacked:  There are better options, but I’m limited with 140 characters.

@federalbaseball: Taveras/Harris? Hmm, so about that long-rumored trade for an outfielder?

@NatsEnquirer: It reeks strongly of the old Nook Logan/Ryan Langerhans no-hit CF platoon of 2007. Blah.

@kfisher32: I think Bernadina is the way to go at this point. Possibly more upside than the Willie or Willy. 

@Neuman85: No one seems to like Taveras, but he seems like a fit for the 2-hole.

@Khillock: Would Maxwell fit in RF? If so, I’d rather see him than the TaHarris platoon. 

@soullmeetsbody: They will be a hitting nightmare. Look at their OPS stats.   

Nats need to determine right field, bullpen

Before playing their home opener Monday against the Phillies, the Nationals have to determine who will platoon with Willie Harris in right field and be their seventh man out of the bullpen.

With Harris as the left-handed hitter, Washington is looking for a right-handed hitting complement. The choices are Mike Morse and Willy Taveras. Entering Tuesday’s action, Taveras had slim lead to be the guy, hitting .289. But Morse has come on strong lately, going 3-for-4 with two runs scored to raise his average to 288 after the Tuesday’s game against the Marlins. Taveras went hitless in three at-bats in the same game.

Versatility may be the deciding factor, however. While Taveras can play all three outfield positions, Morse can play at least six — corner outfield spots and all four infield positions.

“I’m just playing. I’m just having fun. The competition is the last thing I’m thinking about,” Morse said. “When I go out there and have fun, my talent comes out. Whatever happens, happens. I think one of us can help the team out. I’m going to keep trying to get some quality at-bats.”

As for the bullpen, the Nationals are seriously thinking about adding an extra reliever and not carry that fifth starter. The Nationals don’t need the fifth man until April 11 against the Mets.
Left-hander Jesse English and right-hander Todd Walker are two guys who have a chance to claim that final spot. Since his first outing of the spring, English hasn’t allowed a run in last five innings and has struck out eight batters.                          

“He’s pitching well,” manager Jim Riggleman said. “He is a guy who is taking advantage of an opportunity. He is competing for a job and he making a nice statement for himself like Craig Stammen did. So we have to consider that when we put the roster together.”

In his last six outings, Walker has allowed two runs in 5 2/3 innings, while striking out five batters. It helps that he is healthy and his pitching mechanics are in order.

Walker couldn’t say that early in the spring as he gave up 11 runs in his first two outings. Walker had lower back issues, but decided to gut it out. It proved to be a mistake, but Walker never used his injury as an excuse. He wanted to make early impression by overpowering hitters.