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Twitter Poll: The Nats’ MVP thus far?

On Sunday, I asked my Twitter followers the following question: After 40 games, who do you think is the MVP of the Nats? A) Drew Storen B) Tyler Clippard C) Jason Marquis Why?

As it turned out, Storen received most of the votes. Here is what the followers had to say.

@Sultan_of_Stat: Storen has been absolutely dominant. Marquis has been great but Storen is the guy so far.

@szul: A case could be made for all three, but it’s probably Storen. Lots of close games and he’s really picked it up.

@kennygartner: I’d like to vote for Laynce Nix. He stepped up and has been a leader on a weak offense

@Victor__Noel: @DrewStoren. Getting those last three outs provides a boost of confidence for the entire team.

@HendoDC: Storen has been dependable to an almost unreal degree, but you gotta watch his innings pitched.

@thebrowncoat: Hard not to pick Marquis with five wins, but Storen has been their best player.

@dan_offerdahl: Wilson Ramos, because without great defense and solid game calling, no pitcher looks good.

@dc_Roach: Marquis for MVP. Starting pitching wins games, and besides I’d have a hard time deciding between Storen and Peaches.

@Souldrummer25: I’ll never go to war with a reliever. Marquis is the early MVP by a landslide for me.

@JackToomey: Livan Hernandez

@slunk64518: Storen hasn’t blown a save yet and he has looked great so far.

@SallyRyland: Storen has been lights out especially in some tough spots.

@beidenmolinaro: Marquis has been amazing, but Storen is the absolute standout.

@ouij: I’m going with Storen. He has been lights out lately and it has done loads for his self-confidence. Just don’t call him the closer.

@Charlie_Slowes: There isn’t MVP. Pitching and improved defense has been it.

@SteveRep44: @Charlie_Slowes is right. There isn’t one.

@natsnq: I have to say Storen. After a shaky Spring Training, he has come out firing. Love Marquis, but we knew he was capable of this.

@GravyHoltkamp: Jason Marquis. I love pitchers who can also hit. I also loved when he came in as a pinch runner.

@ roycap1963: Marquis. Starting pitcher more important than relievers.

@jtshiffman: Marquis — by far. What I love about this poll is that they’re all pitchers. It says a lot about the Nats’ offense. It’s non-existent.

@KerryPribik: Storen. Consistently closes out games. He doesn’t implode with getting bases loaded and then losing the game.

@DCyetti:Marquis. He is the best hitter on the team!

@Section138: Brian Broderick. Without him, wouldn’t have seen Cole Kimball this quickly.

@Natss9: I would go with Marquis. He has been the most reliable starter out there! He been so solid with each start.

@Evolution33: I would vote Clippard if he came out to Peaches but he doesn’t so Storen

@tedakai: None of above. Alex Cora/Jerry Hairston Jr. for covering Ryan Zimmerman’s absence.

@IBALLZACH: Gotta go with Marquis, he’s been a real stabilizing presence in the rotation.

@deleowned: Write-in vote for Shark Bernadina. The leadoff spot was a black hole until he came up. Also covers more ground than anyone.

@fitdabattle: Storen has been perfect. He’s got my vote.

@skipalb: Marquis, but Storen is close.

@SodaPop6548: Hard to say, Marquis has been a solid starter, but Storen has been an unmovable object. I’ll go with Marquis, though.

@radbcc: Storen

@Liz_Walt: Storen

Twitter Poll: Who should replace Dunn?

On Thursday, I asked my Twitter followers this question: If the Nats don’t re-sign Adam Dunn, who should play first base for them in 2011?  Here is what some of the followers had to say. Some of the answers are hilarious.    

@CurlyWashington: Michael Morse. He is a natural infielder who can hit for average and power with enough playing time. It will open right field for Bryce Harper.

@Nationalsreview: Don Mattingly circa 1986. Why? OPS, his glove and his mustache. If they can’t get the 1986 Donnie Baseball, then Russell Branyan with a mustache.

@Jeffrey_Bergin: I would try a one-year incentive-based deal on Derrek Lee for $5 million.  

@TheSullyDC: No shot at signing a good first baseman. Get Derek Norris up there as soon as possible.  

@nat_meg: Me. I’ll do it — and on the cheap, too.

@22qnf1: Adam LaRoche. He’s a consistent hitter and pretty good defensive first baseman. Plus he won’t’ break the bank either.

@TheSeanWyatt: Bryce Harper. Just because …  

@jcj5y: So many variables are in play, but I’d put Morse at 1B, buy a cheap, defense-oriented outfielder and spend on pitching.

@natsreportjon: Not Carlos Pena because he is obviously on the downside of his career and has a negative  UZR.

@JackoBeam:  I agree with @natsreportjon.  But if not Pena, who else? A no-win situation

@CDublin: Carlos Pena because I’m sick of having scrub young players at every position. We don’t have a good young first baseman.

@JFLANland: If we don’t re-sign Dunn, but somehow get Carl Crawford, Josh Willingham or Morse should play first. I would rather have Dunn and Crawford.

@CraigMac: I can. I can also guarantee that I’ll strike out at least  200 times. I’ll accept a three-year deal as well!

@NatsFanInUK: Platoon Morse and Jesus Flores at first base.   

@thebrowncoat: Mike Rizzo.

@cassander42: Who cares? Dunn is the best 1st baseman available. If the Nats don’t sign him, they don’t care about winning. Period.

@IBALLZACH: If trading isn’t an option, then probably Willingham or Morse. Free- agent wise, a guy like Lee or Aubrey Huff wouldn’t be too bad.

@autobits: LaRoche: He is a decent hitter and a solid defender. I wouldn’t mind Morse for the same reasons. I don’t want Pena, who is getting old fast.  

@Evolution33: Huff.

@szul: Assuming they don’t sign a replacement? Morse. Give the guy more  playing time to prove he’s an everyday player.

@gopherballs: Morse. He’s capable of handling the position and there isn’t a reason to sign a “big-name” guy. I also like LaRoche

@NatsEnquirer: Wil Nieves because who needs offense at first  base?

@R1cketyCr1cket: Make a trade for Adrian Gonzalez and sign him to a long-term contract. They should consider him in the same class as Mark Teixeira.

@DCyetti: Kevin Mench, because manager Jim Riggleman wants him around.

@Michael1Kelly: Morse.  

@ZachMyles: Willingham: He could hit the heck out of the ball, but Hammer doesn’t have range. The outfield should be Roger Bernadina, Nyjer Morgan and Morse.  

Twitter Poll: What should the Nats do with Morgan?

I asked a question to my Twitter followers early Sunday morning: What should the Nats do with center fielder Nyjer Morgan? A) Bench him B) Keep playing him C) Send him down to the Minors for more seasoning? Why?

Of the 100 people who responded, 75 of them said keep playing him, while 15 others said bench him. Ten other people felt Morgan needed to go to the Minor Leagues. Here is what some of the Twitter followers had to say.

@Bobtimist: Move him to the 8th spot and have The Hammer lead off. Morgan is still valuable defensively. This is just a prolonged slump.

@PhillyStanatic: From your choices I’d go with B as the best option. But what about platoon with Justin Maxwell?

@nat_meg: The best way for Nyjer to get out of the slump is to play through it. We’ve all seen what he can do. He’ll find his stride.

@HendoDC: I would pick C. Not for more seasoning, but to give his head some space to get it together, not like it’s a punishment.

@Sultan_of_Stat: I hate to say it but send him down. He needs to get his confidence on the field and at the plate. It’s not happening in the big leagues.

@welovedcsports: I’d say send him down, but who would they bring up in his place to do better? I’m struggling with that part.

@ryan2499: He’s a pro. Let him play through it unless he says he wants to sit out a couple days to get straightend out.

@Natss9: I know he is in a rut, but he is not a head case like Lastings Milledge. Nyjer is an gamer.

@IND_Sports_Cubs: More seasoning? He’s old. If he isn’t seasoned now, then he’ll never be. Bench him for a week.

@tradepolicyguy: Keep playing him. No better option.

@ZaCa14: Move Morgan down to eighth in the order. Lead off with Ian Desmond or Cristian Guzman.

@ieSteveKelly: Give Desmond a shot at leadoff. He should at least be in the 2 hole.

@CDublin: Keep playing Nyjer. He hasn’t been that bad. He still is twice as good as Lastings Milledge. 

@ghue: Team still backs him.

@SodaPop6548: Keep playing him. I think he will be fine once he gets his form back, which he will.

@deleowned: Have to play him. We’ve seen what he’s capable of. Who else are we going to play in CF? Maxwell? Harris? Get serious.

@jenjensn: I’m in the C category because of judgment errors — fielding and base running. Hitting slumps happen, so I am less concerned about that. 

@rickyh17: Bench him and let Willie Harris play. If Morgan still can’t get out of his offensive, defensive and base stealing slumps, then demote or trade him.

@AltaKocker: Keep playing him. Give him an eye exam.

@RoscoeNats: Give Nyjer a few days off in favor of Roger Bernadina and some media coaching.

@federalbaseball: Bring back Marquis Grissom as Morgan’s mentor!

@IBALLZACH: Give him a little more time to get out of it, but not enough to lose the NL East.

@jcj5y: They have to play him. They’re already a bat short in the outfield and there’s no better option right now.

@theFrap: B. Keep playing him. He is valuable to the team.