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Twitter poll: What do you think of Ray Knight?

Last week, I asked my Twitter followers this question: Nats analyst Ray Knight is doing an outstanding job as Bob Carpenter partner on MASN. How do you think Knight is doing? Why? The results were mixed. Here is what the followers had to say. 

@thebrowncoat: He is better than Rob Dibble. He doesn’t make me want to throw something through my TV screen at least twice an inning.

@rocket1124: A breath of fresh air. Smells like competence and real baseball insight.

@AlanClaffie: Knight can’t hold a candle to Dibble. I miss Rob every time a game starts and he’s not part of the broadcast team.

@danr: Ray Knight’s OK, but Dibble knew his pitching stuff. Learned a lot from him. His unpredictability kept my attention. 

@markbachrach: Nats broadcasts would be better if dissent was tolerated. Nats aren’t perfect. Why force broadcasters to pretend? I liked Rob.

@thom202: Paired with Bob Carpenter, they are the dull duo.

@pbsenerchia: I love Knight — knowledgeable, low-key, interesting and informative.

@szul: I liked Knight on the postgame show, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay on as the color guy permanently.

@emmi1966: I like his baseball knowledge; ability to get worked up a little; positive attitude; southern friendliness. Works well with Bob.

@tylerradecki: His only issues are with speech, knowledge is never a problem with Ray. Which is why he’s great for studio work.

@SodaPop6548: I think he’s doing a good job. Wouldn’t mind him sticking around.

@SeanMMcNally: Improvement over the previous color guy. Would like to see MASN look at other options for both slots next year, though. Ken Singleton would be an inspired get for MASN next year. Total pro, can do both play-by-play and color. He has local roots — ex-Expo.

@getxstoked: I miss Don Sutton, personally

@Swishy7: Bring back Dibble

@jypaulos: Ray Knight? My Vote-thumbs down. Neither Ray nor Bob have any opinions of their own. If they keep the Ray and Bob show next year, I’m going to the radio.

@joemktg: Ray offers tremendous technique and strategic insight, while butchering the English language and telestrator. Very entertaining.

@MikeHill_: Ray Knight is a World Series MVP. He signed my cap, He’s the man!

@nat_meg: Ray is an excellent analyst who knows his stuff, but he needs to work on his speaking skills.

@RegularRon: He bores me. And I miss Dibble.