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Q&A with Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan caught up with outfielder Nyjer Morgan recently to talk about his time with Nationals and the fun he is having with the Brewers. You had a nice comeback season. Are you satisfied?

Nyjer Morgan: I’m definitely not content. I’m always looking to do better. With everything that happened, everything that was perceived about me, everything that was spread throughout the Washington media, it was a bad rap. I felt like the Washington media was throwing me out there, trying to ruin my career. Why do you feel the Washington media tried to ruin your career?

Morgan: There was a lot of negative stuff about me. I wasn’t that individual. From what I was perceived in Washington compared to what I’m doing now is basically apples and oranges. I still enjoyed every moment in DC. I felt I learned a lot — just how I played the game and [learning] the business side.

I guess sometimes you need a change of scenery. You need a different fit. Basically, [the Brewers are] a fit for me. I enjoy playing baseball. I enjoy being around the guys that are on the same team with me. I enjoy the staff, the front office. It’s a very cool feeling. They understand the way you are and how you play. I bring a bunch of energy and they feed off it.

It was a learning year in Washington last year. It’s unfortunate that the Nationals gave up on me. Now they feel they need a center fielder/leadoff hitter. That’s what they are looking for now. I guess they didn’t feel like I was a right part of the chemistry there, so they let me go. What was your reaction when the Milwaukee fans voted you the “We Energies High-Energy Player of the Year?”

Morgan: I love them. That was so cool. That’s just showing the fans that you come to work every day, which is basically what I did and DC, too. I came to work every day even though — average wise — it wasn’t the year I wanted to have in 2010. I had a good season before with a .307 batting average [in 2009].

I guess everybody has their learning years and my learning year happen to be last year. It kind of snowballed because controversial things happened [A confrontation with the Marlins and accidently hitting a Phillies with a ball]. It was just a snowball effect. My three weeks were more publicized than anybody else’s worst three weeks. I had just a bad few weeks just like anybody else would have. Mine was more scrutinized. I’m a cancer, I’m this, I’m that. I didn’t think there was nothing like that. Guys felt they couldn’t say anything to me. They waited until I left and then they started opening up their mouths, which was kind of weak. You and Jayson Werth had a confrontation during Spring Training. Do you think that is the reason the Nationals traded you to the Brewers?

Morgan: Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know who officially is the leader of the clubhouse. I guess, it’s maybe him because of his contract. He came in there basically to police people. I got policed and I was ousted. After being there every morning at 6:30 — the first one in the clubhouse everyday — I don’t see how I was a problem. Still, at my worst year, I still had a better batting average than Werth. You are arbitration eligible after the season. Do you want to stay in Milwaukee?

Morgan: I would love to stay here. This is a baseball town for me. They understand my game, they understand my work ethic, they understand the player that I am. They love me with open arms. The media understands me. I’m just playing hard. I’m still the same person that I was then. I’m just older and wiser now. You are in the postseason for the first time. What is it like for you?

Morgan: It’s a new experience. It’s fun, full of emotion. It seems like another game, but’s its not. What was it like to drive in the game-winning run in Game 5 of the National League Division series against the D-Backs?

Morgan: It hasn’t hit me yet. I guess that’s how legends are born, man. That is going to be in the highlights for the rest of my life, for the rest of Brewers history. That’s historic, man. After you drove in that game-winning run, you used foul language on TBS. Do you regret the foul language that you used on live TV?

Morgan: Honestly, I didn’t know the microphone was in my face. I was looking at the fans. People were emotional. The stuff they show on TV nowadays — they show other people cussing. The video games that are out there, what’s the difference? [The hit] was something special. So, I mean, I honestly didn’t know. If I knew the camera was on, next time, I wouldn’t do it. I just blacked out. The fans were fired up. I mean, come on. Of course, I regret it. [Things] happened out there. For the rest of the National Champonship Series, do you think the Brewers can win the pennant?

Morgan: You know I feel we can win this one. It has been a great year for us, but I feel the season is not done yet.

Morgan watching game with accuser

Center fielder Nyjer Morgan is currently watching the game between the Phillies and Nationals with Jake Kunkel, the man who accused Morgan of throwing the baseball at him at Citizens Bank Park on Aug. 21. Kunkel went to the game as Morgan’s guest.  

Morgan received an seven-game suspension by the league office, but after an appeal, was cleared of any wrong doing. Morgan maintained that he was trying to give a ball to a fan, but the ball went over the fan’s head and hit Kunkel

Morgan is currently serving an eight-game suspension for trying to knock down Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson — even though Anderson didn’t have possession of the ball — using inappropriate language toward fans at Sun Life Stadium and having a physical altercation with Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad.

Morgan and Kunkel are watching the game behind the Nationals dugout. Before the game, Kunkel was able to meet manager Jim Riggleman, who gave Kunkel and three of his friends a tour of the Nationals clubhouse. Kunkel then went in Riggleman’s office and talked baseball for several minutes.

Morgan suspended for eight games [updated]

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan was suspended for eight games and fined $15,000 by the league office. The suspension will start Friday and he is expected to return to action on Sept. 25 against the Braves at Nationals Park.

Morgan will remain with the team in Philadelphia. He will practice with the Nationals, but will watch the games in the stands. Morgan will miss the three-game series against the Phillies, four games against the Astros and one against the Braves in Nationals Park.

“I will be with the team and roll on. I will show support,” Morgan said. “I will take batting practice and then watch the game.”

Morgan was appealing two suspensions, totaling 15 games, for hitting a fan with a ball at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, trying to knock down Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson — even though Anderson didn’t have possession of the ball — using inappropriate language toward fans at Sun Life Stadium and having a physical altercation with Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad.

Morgan felt the fine was steep, but said he respects the league office’s decision. He said he was cleared of any wrongdoing in Philadelphia.

“I don’t think the fine should have been that much, but I still respect MLB’s decision,” Morgan said. “Now I can move on and finish the season on a positive note.”

On Sept. 1, Morgan charged the mound in the sixth inning and threw a punch at Volstad, who had thrown a pitch behind the left-handed hitter. Two innings earlier, Volstad hit Morgan in the lower back. Morgan went on to steal two bases in the inning, even though Washington was trailing by 11 runs. The Nationals ended up losing the game, 16-10.

The Marlins had a problem with Morgan from the previous day, when he barreled into catcher Brett Hayes, who suffered a separated shoulder on the play.

On Friday, Morgan spoke to Bob Watson, Major League Baseball’s vice president of rules and on-field operations, for 4 1/2 hours at Nationals Park about what occurred at Citizens Bank Park and against the Marlins and Cardinals. Morgan was told not to speak to the media until a decision was reached by the league office.

Morgan is having the worst season of his career, hitting .258 with 23 RBIs and 33 stolen bases. After hitting .351 with Washington from the leadoff spot last year, Morgan was expected to be a catalyst this season. But he was so inconsistent that manager Jim Riggleman had to bat him near the bottom of the order, which upset the center fielder at times.

In retrospect, Morgan realizes he is having a season he would like to forget.

“I really let the fans down because they didn’t see the real T. Plush [Morgan’s nickname] this year,” he said. “I apologize to the fans for not coming through on a consistent basis.”


Morgan not happy about suspension

Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan was given an eight-game suspension for a series of  incidents this week.

On Wednesday night, during a 16-10 loss to the Marlins, Morgan charged the mound in the sixth inning and threw a punch at Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad, who threw a pitch behind the left-handed hitter. It marked the second time Volstad threw a pitch at Morgan. Two innings earlier, Volstad hit Morgan in the lower back. Morgan went on to steal two bases in the inning even though Washington was down, 14-3.

The Marlins had a problem with Morgan dating back to Tuesday’s game, when he barreled into catcher Brett Hayes, who suffered a separated shoulder on the play.

Morgan was also disciplined for two other incidents. He made inappropriate comments toward the Marlins fans during the 10th inning on Tuesday. Morgan acknowledged that he did make inappropriate comments.

Last Saturday against the Cardinals, it looked like Willie Harris’ hit a bases-clearing knock, but third-base umpire Angel Hernandez called Morgan out, because a live baserunner cannot be touched or aided by a teammate or coach. Ivan Rodriguez pushed Morgan back to home plate when Morgan missed the plate while trying to knock Bryan Anderson down.

The replay showed there wasn’t a need for Morgan to touch Anderson, because the ball wasn’t close to the plate.

“It was totally inexcusable,” manager Jim Riggleman said last Sunday. “It was a mistake. I can’t minimize it. If I take the approach that there is nothing wrong it, then we are going to get people hurt on the field. It has never happened before and it will not happen again.”

Riggleman believed Morgan wasn’t thinking because he was angry that he was hitting eighth in the lineup. Morgan has spent most of the season as the lead-off hitter. 

The eight-game suspension does not include the seven-games suspension he received on last week for hitting a fan with a thrown ball at Citizens Bank Park.

Morgan is planning to appeal both rulings. His hearing was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but it was pushed back to next Friday, a few hours before the Nationals play the Marlins.

Morgan said he didn’t know about his latest suspension until told him over the phone. He believes he didn’t do anything wrong.

“Man, they threw the book at me.” Morgan said “What did I do? I feel I haven’t done anything. They are blowing this way out of proportion because I’m a hard-nosed player — because I knocked over a catcher. They throw the ball at me. Come on, what am I supposed to do? I have to take this and try to keep playing.

“I feel I haven’t done  anything wrong expect for playing the game hard and play the game like it’s supposed to be played. Wow. I don’t know what else to say. It’s just a fact that people are blowing this way out of proportion. I don’t think you should be suspended for hitting a catcher. … I don’t understand what I did wrong to get an eight-game suspension. They make it seem like I’m Mike Tyson.”

Morgan gets new hearing date; Listach gets three-game suspension

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan has received word that his hearing with the league office has been pushed back from Tuesday to next Friday, according to a baseball source. The hearing will take place hours before the Nationals play the Marlins. 

Morgan is currently appealing a seven-game suspension for hitting a fan with a thrown ball at Citizens Bank Park. He most likely will talk to the league office about the fracas with the Marlins during a 16-10 loss on Wednesday night.

Morgan charged the mound in the sixth inning and threw a punch at Marlins right-hander Chris Volstad, who threw a pitch behind the left-handed hitter. It marked the second time Volstad threw a pitch at Morgan. Two innings earlier, Volstad hit Morgan in the lower back. Morgan went on to steal two bases in the inning even though Washington was down, 14-3.

The Marlins had a problem with Morgan dating back to Tuesday’s game, when he barreled into catcher Brett Hayes, who suffered a separated shoulder on the play.

In other news, Nationals third-base coach Pat Listach received a three-game suspension for his involvement in the brawl between the Nationals and the Marlins, according to another baseball source.

The video showed Listch going into the pile trying to protect Morgan. Listach didn’t return a phone message.



Twitter poll: Who was wrong in brawl between Nats vs. Fish?

About 20 minutes after the Nationals and Marlins found themselves in a brawl on Wednesday night, I asked my twitter followers this question: Who do you think was at fault when it comes to the brawl between the Nats and Marlins? Nyjer Morgan or Chris Volstad? Why? Here’s what the followers had to say.

@eenyy820: Tough to say. On one hand, the Fish were up 15-5 and Volstad threw behind him. On the other hand, Morgan gotten negative publicity and charged the mound

@khillock: Morgan! He should expect retaliation for the nonsense he’s been pulling. He looks like he’s searching for trouble.

@DCyetti: I agree RT @Section222 Olsen is at fault. If the game wasn’t a blowout, Marlins wouldn’t have thrown at Nyjer a second time.

@tradepolicyguy: Volstad for throwing behind Morgan. No reason to escalate it

@junebugskippin: It takes two to tango

@cheist: Volstadt…No question. Nyjer had already been hit once

@TheNatsBlog: Nyjer Morgan. Walk away

@ShakyKnee: Volstad and the Marlins. Bean him once ok, but he never broke a rule. Played the game hard in my mind.

@tommyalanson: Come on, it’s Nyjer. I’m glad that clown got clothes lined. He knew they’d be going after him after that bad hit on their catcher.

 @CapitolBaseball: Nyjer. Way too many incidents in the last two weeks to justify that behavior. But realistically, both share some responsibility.

@TheRealAdamGee: Nyjer Morgan is at fault. He didn’t need to go and steal those two bases.

@TheNinerInsider: Nyjer Morgan. He’s pushing everybody’s buttons lately.

@thebrowncoat: You don’t throw behind a guy, but Nyjer was asking for it. Stealing those bases — you knew it was coming.

@jpminter: Volstad shouldn’t have thrown at him the second time.

@TigersScorecard: Morgan for sure. You’re running into catchers on purpose, you better expect a pitch behind you. This is baseball. Keep your cool.

@UnkleWheez: Nyjer, He stole bases after being hit and just doesn’t get it.

@szul: Both. But Morgan’s going to get the bulk of the blame from the press.

@M_OMalley: Volstad. You can’t spend the entire game wrapped up in retaliation. You have to let things roll off your back once in a while.

@CraigMac: Both. Nyjer has an attitude problem and needs anger management. Volstad needs to follow the code — once he is hit, it’s over.

@kevin_reiss: Volstad shouldn’t have thrown behind Nyjer, especially after hitting him earlier. But Nyjer set himself up for this.

@natsnq: Volstad already plugged Nyjer.Why do it twice except to do it with malice? Nyjer should have socked him harder in the head.

@SodaPop6548: Volstad hit three batters tonight. If Morgan had gotten hit just once it wouldn’t have happened. The Marlins instigated it.

@KimCinAZ: Morgan because he’s brought this on this series.

@welovedcsports: I gotta say both. Nyjer brought it on by stealing second and third, but Volstad threw behind him. Twice in one game? Seems a bit much.

@Bill_Busch: Morgan at fault. Stealing the bases down 11 was bush league.

@dvillavicencio6: Morgan has been looking for a fight for about a week now.

@bart__davis: Both. Stupid baseball bravado.

@RealMurphy: They had both had the opportunity to act like men, but they both chose to act like selfish children.

@AJGibbs: Riggleman is the one to blame. Control your center fielder. Stealing bases down by 10 runs. He put his teammates in danger tonight.

@rolmeda: If you’re manager had acted instead of coddling/excusing bully Nyjer, none of it would have happened

@nat_meg: Volstad’s for sure. The message only needed to be sent once, and he did that by plunking Nyjer in the ribs. Should Nyjer have retaliated? Absolutely not. In some ways, they both deserved it, but the fault is Volstad’s for enabling.

Morgan suspended seven games

Nationals center fielder Nyjer Morgan received a seven-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for his inappropriate actions, which included intentionally throwing a baseball into the stands, during the Nationals’ 8-1 victory over the Phillies. The thrown ball struck a fan in the crowd. 

Morgan is appealing the suspension and is in the Nats’ lineup on Wednesday against the Cubs. Entering Wednesday’s action, Morgan was hitting .261 with 20 RBIs.

Twitter poll: What changes would Nats fans make?

On Saturday afternoon, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: When the second half starts, what changes would you like to see the Nats make? Here is what some of them had to say.

@thebrowncoat: Fix Tyler Clippard, please! Play better fundamentals. Play better defense. But I’m not sure how you “fix” that. It may be more of a personnel issue.

@davewordnerd: Send Justin Maxwell away, far away from DC. Figure out what’s wrong with the bullpen. Get more real bullpen pitchers.

@SodaPop6548: I would say the Nats need another catcher, who could give Pudge a few days off here and a good guy at second base.

@PhightinPride: I want to see Mike Morse be an everyday player.

@szul: No team changes. Just play better defense and get those hurt pitchers healthy.

@NatsFanInUK: Need a frontline outfielder and middle infield prospect. Time to peddle vets.

@PearCube: Fewer errors, Stephen Strasburg getting run support and a Jordan Zimmermann appearance. 

@OlkinComm: Nyjer Morgan should not lead off. Actually, he shouldn’t start. Start Bernadina in center and Morse in right.

@tbridge: Figure out the starting rotation. Wang/Zimmermann/Marquis need to audition for their spots, though.

@Kenz_aFan: Add one or two quality starting pitchers, decide on second base, replace Morgan with Bernadina, play Morse more often and replace Jim Riggleman with Davey Johnson.

@Lintyfresh85: Re-sign Adam Dunn, DFA Wil Nieves, find pitchers that have higher K/BB rates. Settle on second base. See if Nyjer is future in center field.

@texpadres: I’m thinking now that the Nats should stay put — mix of vets are already in place. Nats should release Adam Kennedy down stretch.

@TreyEley: Stop blowing leads!

@churchofbasebal: Changes? Stop promoting Strasburg like he’s going to lead the Nats to promised land.

@ghue: Sign some highly regarded international free agents.

@PhillyStanatic: Bernie in center and Morse in right field; Kennedy-trade/DFA; acquire a better backup catcher.

@j_aloysius: More playing time for Michael Morse. Less inconsistency with the lineups.

@zaronow: I would like to see the Nats make the moves that will allow them to contend next season

@TheNinerInsider: I’d like to see them get some their pitchers healthy. And trade Cristian Guzman and/or Kennedy

@skippaaaaah: Pitch Stephen Strasburg every game.

Twitter Poll: What should the Nats do with Morgan?

I asked a question to my Twitter followers early Sunday morning: What should the Nats do with center fielder Nyjer Morgan? A) Bench him B) Keep playing him C) Send him down to the Minors for more seasoning? Why?

Of the 100 people who responded, 75 of them said keep playing him, while 15 others said bench him. Ten other people felt Morgan needed to go to the Minor Leagues. Here is what some of the Twitter followers had to say.

@Bobtimist: Move him to the 8th spot and have The Hammer lead off. Morgan is still valuable defensively. This is just a prolonged slump.

@PhillyStanatic: From your choices I’d go with B as the best option. But what about platoon with Justin Maxwell?

@nat_meg: The best way for Nyjer to get out of the slump is to play through it. We’ve all seen what he can do. He’ll find his stride.

@HendoDC: I would pick C. Not for more seasoning, but to give his head some space to get it together, not like it’s a punishment.

@Sultan_of_Stat: I hate to say it but send him down. He needs to get his confidence on the field and at the plate. It’s not happening in the big leagues.

@welovedcsports: I’d say send him down, but who would they bring up in his place to do better? I’m struggling with that part.

@ryan2499: He’s a pro. Let him play through it unless he says he wants to sit out a couple days to get straightend out.

@Natss9: I know he is in a rut, but he is not a head case like Lastings Milledge. Nyjer is an gamer.

@IND_Sports_Cubs: More seasoning? He’s old. If he isn’t seasoned now, then he’ll never be. Bench him for a week.

@tradepolicyguy: Keep playing him. No better option.

@ZaCa14: Move Morgan down to eighth in the order. Lead off with Ian Desmond or Cristian Guzman.

@ieSteveKelly: Give Desmond a shot at leadoff. He should at least be in the 2 hole.

@CDublin: Keep playing Nyjer. He hasn’t been that bad. He still is twice as good as Lastings Milledge. 

@ghue: Team still backs him.

@SodaPop6548: Keep playing him. I think he will be fine once he gets his form back, which he will.

@deleowned: Have to play him. We’ve seen what he’s capable of. Who else are we going to play in CF? Maxwell? Harris? Get serious.

@jenjensn: I’m in the C category because of judgment errors — fielding and base running. Hitting slumps happen, so I am less concerned about that. 

@rickyh17: Bench him and let Willie Harris play. If Morgan still can’t get out of his offensive, defensive and base stealing slumps, then demote or trade him.

@AltaKocker: Keep playing him. Give him an eye exam.

@RoscoeNats: Give Nyjer a few days off in favor of Roger Bernadina and some media coaching.

@federalbaseball: Bring back Marquis Grissom as Morgan’s mentor!

@IBALLZACH: Give him a little more time to get out of it, but not enough to lose the NL East.

@jcj5y: They have to play him. They’re already a bat short in the outfield and there’s no better option right now.

@theFrap: B. Keep playing him. He is valuable to the team.

Morgan to hit second vs. Astros

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman has decided to hit Nyjer Morgan second in the batting order against the Astros on Monday afternoon.

Normally the leadoff hitter, Morgan is moving down a notch because he is in a slump, going 20-for-99 [.202] with a .262 on-base percentage during the month of May.
“The only place I can move him is second,” Riggleman said after Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Padres. “Nyjer is not going to play for you if he doesn’t hit first or second. It doesn’t make sense to put him anywhere else. I may take a little pressure off him to hit second for a little while. Whether you are hitting first or second, you still have to get on base.”
When told of Riggleman’s decision, Morgan said he could deal with hitting lower in the order.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Morgan said. “You have to be there for the squad. Things are not happening. I’m in a funk right now.” 

Asked if he was healthy, Morgan said, “Everything is fine. I’m having a tough time right now, I just have to battle through it. I just have a little adversity.”

Who will be Washington’s leadof hitter on Monday? It will be either Cristian Guzman or Adam Kennedy. Guzman has been the team’s best hitter thus far. He leads the Nationals in batting average [.321] and hits [51]. Kennedy is hitting .250, but has a .352 on-base percentage.