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A new Kory Casto

After months of talking to hitting coach Rick Eckstein, infielder/outfielder Kory Casto decided to change his batting stance in order pull the ball more often.

Before this year, the left-handed-hitting Casto had a tough time going to right field. He stood straight up in the batter’s box with his hands back and most of the balls he hit went to left field. Casto is now in a crouch position with his hands close to his chest. During one hitting session recently, Casto hit most of the balls to right and center field.

“The positioning is now consistent. There is extreme balance,” Eckstein said. “There is a lot of life in the hitting zone. He is able to pull the correctly, but still stay on pitches away and drive them the other way.”

Casto is looking to make the team as a reserve. He can play all three outfield positions as well as first and third base.