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Twitter poll: What changes would Nats fans make?

On Saturday afternoon, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: When the second half starts, what changes would you like to see the Nats make? Here is what some of them had to say.

@thebrowncoat: Fix Tyler Clippard, please! Play better fundamentals. Play better defense. But I’m not sure how you “fix” that. It may be more of a personnel issue.

@davewordnerd: Send Justin Maxwell away, far away from DC. Figure out what’s wrong with the bullpen. Get more real bullpen pitchers.

@SodaPop6548: I would say the Nats need another catcher, who could give Pudge a few days off here and a good guy at second base.

@PhightinPride: I want to see Mike Morse be an everyday player.

@szul: No team changes. Just play better defense and get those hurt pitchers healthy.

@NatsFanInUK: Need a frontline outfielder and middle infield prospect. Time to peddle vets.

@PearCube: Fewer errors, Stephen Strasburg getting run support and a Jordan Zimmermann appearance. 

@OlkinComm: Nyjer Morgan should not lead off. Actually, he shouldn’t start. Start Bernadina in center and Morse in right.

@tbridge: Figure out the starting rotation. Wang/Zimmermann/Marquis need to audition for their spots, though.

@Kenz_aFan: Add one or two quality starting pitchers, decide on second base, replace Morgan with Bernadina, play Morse more often and replace Jim Riggleman with Davey Johnson.

@Lintyfresh85: Re-sign Adam Dunn, DFA Wil Nieves, find pitchers that have higher K/BB rates. Settle on second base. See if Nyjer is future in center field.

@texpadres: I’m thinking now that the Nats should stay put — mix of vets are already in place. Nats should release Adam Kennedy down stretch.

@TreyEley: Stop blowing leads!

@churchofbasebal: Changes? Stop promoting Strasburg like he’s going to lead the Nats to promised land.

@ghue: Sign some highly regarded international free agents.

@PhillyStanatic: Bernie in center and Morse in right field; Kennedy-trade/DFA; acquire a better backup catcher.

@j_aloysius: More playing time for Michael Morse. Less inconsistency with the lineups.

@zaronow: I would like to see the Nats make the moves that will allow them to contend next season

@TheNinerInsider: I’d like to see them get some their pitchers healthy. And trade Cristian Guzman and/or Kennedy

@skippaaaaah: Pitch Stephen Strasburg every game.