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Twitter poll: Should Nats honor Andre Dawson?

On Wednesday, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Do you think the Nationals should honor Andre Dawson for going into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year?

Of the 30 people who responded, 20 felt Dawson should be honored by the Nationals, while 10 felt the team shouldn’t acknowledge him because he never played in Washington. Dawson was a member of the Expos from 1976 to 1986.  

Here’s what “The Hawk”  had to say when asked if the Nationals should honor him. 

“That would be a decision they would have to make,” Dawson said Wednesday. “I really don’t know how to answer that other than I would be honored and thrilled [if they did]. That would be up to them.”

Here’s what some of the Twitter followers had to say:

@cristomac24: He was an Expo. The Nats used to be the Expos.

@alexander_swann: Of course, the Nats should honor Andre. The Expos alumni need a home. 

@frostyeod: He is a heritage player. He should have a plaque at Nationals Park 

@ajfroemming: As a kid who grew up as a Cubs fan, I love the Hawk, but this is a different team in DC. I would rather honor Harmon Killebrew.

@RoscoeNats: Absolutely, the Nats should honor Andre Dawson and the Expos. They’re not alienating Senators fans by doing it.

@cnichols14: I do — out of respect for the franchise. I think I am in the minority, though.

@doubleuefwhy: He never played here. Let the Cubs and Montreal Canadiens honor Dawson.

@federalbaseball: Honoring Dawson would be a nice gesture for Expos fans, but I doubt the Nats will do it.

@murber74: No. I know it’s controversial among Nats fans, but he never played for the Washington Nationals.

@JonathanGrella: I love “The Hawk,” but no. He has as much connection to D.C. fans as Ryan Zimmerman does to Montreal fans. Honor Dawson where he played.

@gofish128: The Marlins are honoring him and he only played for them for two seasons.

A list of suspended games

The Nationals (’05-09) have had only one suspended game and that’s the one being completed on Thursday against the Astros. Here is a list of suspended games regarding the Expos and Senators. 

Expos suspended games
08/31/1971 @ Cubs (resumed 09/01)
06/27/1973 @ Cubs (resumed 06/28)
05/15/1975 vs Braves (resumed 07/20)
04/21/1976 @ Cubs (resumed 04/22)
06/06/1978 vs Padres (resumed 06/07)
05/17/1979 @ Cardinals (resumed 06/25)
05/28/1980 @ Cubs (resumed 08/08)
07/01/1986 @ Cubs (resumed 07/02)
07/13/1986 vs Reds (resumed 07/24 in Cincinnati)

Washington Senators suspended games
07/07/1949 vs Boston (resumed 8/20)
06/08/1966 @ Baltimore (resumed 06/09)
09/14/1971 @ Cleveland (resumed 09/20 in Washington)

Here is a list of previous games that were started in one city and completed in the other.
Date       Visitor     Home     Completed  
08/25/1948 Dodgers   Pirates   09/21/1948
08/11/1966 Astros     Cubs     08/26/1966
09/14/1971 Senators  Indians  09/20/1971
07/12/1975 Twins      Yankees  07/19/1975
07/20/1978 Giants     Cubs     07/28/1978
07/13/1986 Reds       Expos    07/24/1986
04/28/2008 Orioles    White Sox 08/25/2008

The list was compiled by David Vincent