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Storen doesn’t make excuses for subpar outing

Nationals closer Drew Storen pitched the ninth inning on Thursday afternoon and was touched up for three runs in a 7-4 loss to the Dodgers.

Storen pitched two-thirds of an inning and had a tough time throwing strikes. Of the 25 pitches he threw, only 11 went for strikes. Manager Davey Johnson said a lack of action, not the rain, was at the root of Storen’s ineffectiveness. Since Aug. 22, Storen has appeared in just three games.

“He didn’t have good command today,” manager Davey Johnson said. “He has logged a lot of games. He is going to have some rough spots at times. This is his first full year. I can deal with that.”

Storen didn’t have any excuses as to why he didn’t pitch well.

“I just didn’t get it done. … I should be able to go out there and throw strikes,” he said.

Johnson wants Clippard, Storen to stay with Nats

After watching his team shutout the Mets, 3-0, on Saturday night, Nationals manager Davey Johnson made it clear that he wants relievers Drew Storen and Tyler Clippard to remain on the team past the non-waiver Trade Deadline, which is Sunday at 4 p.m. ET.

In a recent close-door meeting, Storen told Johnson that he didn’t want to be traded. Reports have surfaced that Storen could be traded to the Twins for outfielder Denard Span. Johnson told Storen that he wanted him around.

“You can’t take anything for granted. I don’t,” Johnson told the media. “I didn’t think [Jerry] Hairston was going anywhere. … Anything could happen.”

In his first full season with the Nats, Storen has 26 saves with a 2.63 ERA in 49 games.

“This is where I want to be. That’s the reason I signed quickly,” Storen said. “I wanted to join the organization because I want to be part of turning this thing around.

“I’ve only been here for a year and half, but emotionally I feel like I’ve invested a lot into this. I want to turn this team around. But at the same time, I understand that [general manager] Mike [Rizzo] has a job to do himself. So I can understand the business side of things, too.”

Johnson said definitively that Clippard is going nowhere before the deadline. Clippard is clearly the best reliever on the Nationals, going 1-0 with a 1.66 ERA in 47 games.

“Tyler ain’t going anywhere. I’m going with him,” Johnson said. “I don’t where we would be without Tyler.”

Johnson doesn’t want to overuse Storen

With the Nationals leading, 5-4, over the Cubs in the ninth inning on Wednesday night, manager Davey Johnson wanted to leave reliever Henry Rodriguez in the game. Rodriguez had dominated the eighth inning, allowing a hit and striking out the side.

But according to Johnson, close Drew Storen was expecting to go in and save his 22 game of the season. Johnson had a change of heart and put Storen in the game. Storen ended up retiring the side in order as the Nationals defeated the Cubs by the same score.

“[Bullpen coach] Jimmy Lett said [Storen] wasn’t real happy. I got [Storen’s] blood boiling,” Johnson said.

Johnson didn’t want to use Storen because the later has been used a lot this season. Storen has already pitched 45 1/3 innings in 45 games. Johnson is looking for another reliever who can close games while Storen gets a rest sometimes.

“My closer, he is on pace to be in probably 70-something games,” Johnson said. “This is basically his first-[full] year as a closer. That’s not what I want to do to him. He is probably capable of doing it. He wasn’t the closer all year. He was doing some other things. He has a lot of innings.

“If you are going to be 10, 20, 30 games over .500, you have to have somebody else. Two or three of my closers over the years, when we were on a role, they come to me and say, ‘I need a day off.’ I want to groom that guy that can come in and pick up the slack.”

Storen didn’t deny his displeasure about Johnson original decision on Wednesday, but later understood why Johnson wanted leave Rodriguez in the game.

Storen said he has found ways to make sure that his arm doesn’t get tired. He has cut down on throwing a lot in the bullpen and doesn’t cut corners when it comes to doing exercises and icing his shoulder.

“My favorite thing in the world is to pitch the ninth inning,” Storen said. “But I understand that Henry dominated the eighth inning and didn’t throw a lot of pitches. Competitively, you want to be out there, but I understood. I was fired up any way. I was just standing there. I was ready to go either way. … I appreciate the way he was looking out for us. That was nice.”

Twitter Poll: The Nats’ MVP thus far?

On Sunday, I asked my Twitter followers the following question: After 40 games, who do you think is the MVP of the Nats? A) Drew Storen B) Tyler Clippard C) Jason Marquis Why?

As it turned out, Storen received most of the votes. Here is what the followers had to say.

@Sultan_of_Stat: Storen has been absolutely dominant. Marquis has been great but Storen is the guy so far.

@szul: A case could be made for all three, but it’s probably Storen. Lots of close games and he’s really picked it up.

@kennygartner: I’d like to vote for Laynce Nix. He stepped up and has been a leader on a weak offense

@Victor__Noel: @DrewStoren. Getting those last three outs provides a boost of confidence for the entire team.

@HendoDC: Storen has been dependable to an almost unreal degree, but you gotta watch his innings pitched.

@thebrowncoat: Hard not to pick Marquis with five wins, but Storen has been their best player.

@dan_offerdahl: Wilson Ramos, because without great defense and solid game calling, no pitcher looks good.

@dc_Roach: Marquis for MVP. Starting pitching wins games, and besides I’d have a hard time deciding between Storen and Peaches.

@Souldrummer25: I’ll never go to war with a reliever. Marquis is the early MVP by a landslide for me.

@JackToomey: Livan Hernandez

@slunk64518: Storen hasn’t blown a save yet and he has looked great so far.

@SallyRyland: Storen has been lights out especially in some tough spots.

@beidenmolinaro: Marquis has been amazing, but Storen is the absolute standout.

@ouij: I’m going with Storen. He has been lights out lately and it has done loads for his self-confidence. Just don’t call him the closer.

@Charlie_Slowes: There isn’t MVP. Pitching and improved defense has been it.

@SteveRep44: @Charlie_Slowes is right. There isn’t one.

@natsnq: I have to say Storen. After a shaky Spring Training, he has come out firing. Love Marquis, but we knew he was capable of this.

@GravyHoltkamp: Jason Marquis. I love pitchers who can also hit. I also loved when he came in as a pinch runner.

@ roycap1963: Marquis. Starting pitcher more important than relievers.

@jtshiffman: Marquis — by far. What I love about this poll is that they’re all pitchers. It says a lot about the Nats’ offense. It’s non-existent.

@KerryPribik: Storen. Consistently closes out games. He doesn’t implode with getting bases loaded and then losing the game.

@DCyetti:Marquis. He is the best hitter on the team!

@Section138: Brian Broderick. Without him, wouldn’t have seen Cole Kimball this quickly.

@Natss9: I would go with Marquis. He has been the most reliable starter out there! He been so solid with each start.

@Evolution33: I would vote Clippard if he came out to Peaches but he doesn’t so Storen

@tedakai: None of above. Alex Cora/Jerry Hairston Jr. for covering Ryan Zimmerman’s absence.

@IBALLZACH: Gotta go with Marquis, he’s been a real stabilizing presence in the rotation.

@deleowned: Write-in vote for Shark Bernadina. The leadoff spot was a black hole until he came up. Also covers more ground than anyone.

@fitdabattle: Storen has been perfect. He’s got my vote.

@skipalb: Marquis, but Storen is close.

@SodaPop6548: Hard to say, Marquis has been a solid starter, but Storen has been an unmovable object. I’ll go with Marquis, though.

@radbcc: Storen

@Liz_Walt: Storen

Storen has rough outing vs. Cardinals

A few hours after Nationals right-hander Cole Kimball was sent to Minor League camp, asked a baseball source this question: With Kimball sent to the Minors, does this mean Drew Storen will be on the 25-man roster? 

The source made it clear that Storen could still be sent to Minor League camp. On Friday, Storen left it open for a possible demotion, pitching one inning and allowing three runs on four hits during a 10-4 loss to the Cardinals.

Storen entered the game in the seventh inning with the Cardinals leading 6-4. He allowed a two-run homer to Daniel Descalso and a solo homer to Mark Hamilton. For the season, Storen has allowed nine earned runs in 6 1/3 innings.

“He must be throwing the ball in the sweet zone — in the middle of the plate — for them to hit the ball the way they did,” Riggleman said about Storen’s outing Friday. “We don’t make excuses, he is just not getting them out.”     

Storen gets first victory, dons Elvis wig

In only his second game of his Major League career, reliever Drew Storen picked up his first big-league victory as the Nationals defeated the Mets, 5-3, on Tuesday night.  

Storen, the 10th overall pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft, entered the game in the top of the seventh inning with the score tied at 2 and Mets catcher Henry Blanco on second base. Storen was able to get the job done as Jose Reyes lined out to shortstop Ian Desmond and Luis Castillo grounded out to Desmond to end the inning. 

“I love [coming in during the middle of an inning],” Storen said. “I started that in college. I did it in the Minor Leagues. I love coming in with guys on base because of the pressure. I’m a big fan.” 

Storen became pitcher of record after the Nationals scored three runs in the bottom of the seventh inning. After the game, Storen received two shaving cream pies in the face and was proud to wear the silver Elvis wig, which goes to the player of the game voted by center fielder Nyjer Morgan.  

“The wig doesn’t look that good on me, but it’s great thing I’m wearing it,” Storen said. “I saw it before I came up here. I was really hoping I would be able to wear it.”

Storen said it was unfair for him to take the victory. He mentioned that right-hander Livan Hernandez gave a great effort after pitching on three days’ rest. Hernandez allowed two runs in 6 1/3 innings.

“He has a solid outing. It’s kind of unfair for me to take that win away from him. Anyway, I’ll take it,” Storen said.  

Twitter Poll: Should Strasburg, Storen be in Majors?

I asked a question to my Twitter followers on Sunday morning: If you were in Mike Rizzo’s shoes, would you promote Nats right-handers Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen to the Major Leagues now or later? Why?

Of the 50 people who responded, 25 of them said bring them up to the  big leagues, while the rest believe there isn’t a need to rush the prospects. Here is what some of the Twitter followers had to say.
@rickyh17:  I would not promote them yet. Let them get in some more experience at Triple A first.

@Sultan_of_Stat: Bring up Strasburg now if John Lannan is to miss more games, otherwise wait. Bring up Storen now to take some pressure off Tyler Clippard.

@SacksJacked: I’m for Stras now. If he’s ready, he’s ready. Don’t worry about the financial stuff. It seems to be more noise than it really is.

@wynams: The season is long. The Nats are doing well now. Rushing players too fast could be devastating.

@LarryTheSequel: I’d do it now. Both are performing well at Triple-A and they may as well get their MLB bumps and bruises sooner than later.

@Natss9: I would bring them up for the Reds series in June. The Nats have gone this far. I don’t see why they should deviate from the plan.

@JoeBHokie: Wait. The pitching is good now. Jordan Zimmermann, Chien-Ming Wang and Jason Marquis are in the wings. The kids need low stress innings and Nats get an extra contract year.

@rfish15: Bring up Storen now, if Brian Bruney doesn’t come around. Strasburg can wait until June. Less pressure on SS waiting. See where the team is then. 

@SodaPop6548: They are both doing well, but still need some experience. Don’t rush them into the Majors!

@DArkMEATHOOK: I’d promote both after two or more Triple-A appearances. Seem like both can help out the ballclub.

@Michaeljenk: Strasburg for sure and not just because of his potential. His performance in the Minors shows that he’s ready.

@NotRizzo: I would hold Storen back till June to ensure he isn’t a Super 2, since he can pitch all the way to October without an innings limit. 

@Terpsrule: Storen yes, because he’s had a year in the system. Strasburg, not net. A few more games in Syracuse, then come on down Stephen!

@nat_meg: Stras, no. Starting pitching has been pretty solid.

@Dwade: This team isn’t quite there yet. The playoffs aren’t in the cards this year, so why start their service clocks?

@Jake_Titleman39: Wait until June. We save money and we hope were still in the playoff race so those guys become even more important. 

@jcj5y: They need Storen more right now. I would be sorely tempted. No on Strasburg until June.

Storen promoted to Triple A Syracuse

The Nationals have promoted right-hander Drew Storen from Double A Harrisburg to Triple A Syracuse, according to the team’s farm director Doug Harris. Storen is expected to join Syracuse on Friday. 

Storen’s promotion comes after he saved four games and allowed a run in 9 1/3 innings for Harrisburg. At the rate Storen is going, Harris expects the right-hander to be in the big leagues sometime this season.

“We are working towards that,” Harris said about Storen going to the big leagues. “There isn’t specific date or timeline in mind. We have goals we want to accomplish. We are certainly preparing him for the Major Leagues.”

Storen was the 10th overall pick in the 2009 First-Year Player Draft. He signed his first professional contract the day after being selected. Storen believes signing with the Nationals right away is the reason he is on the fast track to the big leagues. In a year-plus in professional baseball, Storen has a 1.75 ERA and struck out 60 batters in 45 1/3 innings.

“Signing early was crucial,” Storen said. “I wanted to get going and start playing. The experience that I had last year helped me out this year. I wanted to put myself in a situation where I could move quickly this year.”

A closer for all of his collegiate and professional career, Storen will not be in that role when he joins the big league team because right-hander Matt Capps has been productive, saving 10 games entering Friday’s action against the Marlins. That’s OK with Storen. He’s willing take any role out of the bullpen.

“It will be no different really. It’s just, what inning am I going in? I will still take the same approach,” Storen said. “I don’t want to give up a run whether I’m pitching in the seventh, eighth or ninth inning. The bullpen has done such a great job this year. It would be awesome for me to throw and help them out. They already have guys that could do that already. I’m willing to do whatever role they throw me in as long as I’m helping the team win.”

Storen has solid outing; Livo may pitch next week

Nationals right-hander Drew Storen pitched a perfect inning against the Mets at Tradition Field on Sunday. He threw only 10 pitches and was able to get three groundball outs in the sixth inning.

Storen indicated that he wasn’t nervous like he was Thursday against the Astros. He pitched one solid frame in that game as well.

Overall, Storen has thrown 19 pitches this spring. The reason for the low pitch count is because he is pitching to contact, he said.

“I was trying to build off the last time,” Storen said. “I wasn’t as nervous. I was just trying to throw strikes.”
Storen is expected to pitch Tuesday against Tigers at Space Coast Stadium. It’s the same game in which teammate Stephen Strasburg will make his Spring Training debut.

“That would be awesome. It’s going to be an exciting atmosphere. It’s going to be tough not to get fired up for that game,” Storen said.
In other news, right-hander Livan Hernandez will pitch in a simulated game in a couple of days and then pitch in a Spring Training game sometime next week.

“We trying to work it in to make sure he is all right,’” pitching coach Steve McCatty said about Hernandez. “When he came down here, Livo was Livo [in terms of being in good shape], but he really didn’t throw off the mound. He played catch and now he is getting back into real pitching shape.” 

Storen overlooked; Lannan pitching Saturday

Right-hander Drew Storen is considered one of the top prospects in the Nationals organization, but he has been overshadowed by his teammate, right-hander Stephen Strasburg, this spring.  

That’s OK, said Storen, because Strasburg deserves the publicity after what he has accomplished in the last year. Strasburg went 13-1 with a 1.32 ERA in 15 starts at San Diego State University en route to being named the 2009 Golden Spikes Award winner. He struck out 195 and issued just 19 walks in 109 innings.

“I love it. I think it’s awesome. He 100 percent deserves the publicity,” said Storen, who was also a first round pick. “I’m just taking a back seat to it all. The Nationals haven’t received all this attention in the last couple of years. I think Stephen is going to be a big help. I don’t deserve the same attention. I’m not as good as he is.”

But good enough. Storen had a great first season in professional baseball, saving a combined 11 games with a 1.95 ERA for Class A Hagerstown and Potomac and Double-A Harrisburg.  It earned Storen a Spring Training invitation, but it’s more than likely that Storen will start the season in the Minor Leagues. Storen understands the team doesn’t want to rush him to the big leagues.

“I’m looking at the big picture,” Storen said. “I want to be a guy that helps this team win. I don’t want to be there for a cup of coffee. In the end, I want to have a career in the big leagues.”

*Storen has been going through the windup during live batting practice sessions in order to give the hitters a different look. This unusual because relievers go through the stretch when they are pitching in the late innings. Storen started doing the windup by watching Diamondbacks pitcher Dan Haren.

“I watched how Haren has that pause,” Storen said “Obviously, timing is big for hitters and [look to] can change their timing up and always keep them uncomfortable. If I can do that with my stuff and my motion, that is going to help me out.”              

* Catcher Jesus Flores will throw from 90 feet the next couple days. If all goes well, Flores hopes to start taking batting practice later in the week.

* Left-hander John Lannan will pitch against the Mets on Saturday at Space Coast Stadium, while right-hander Jason Marquis will throw against the same team the next day at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie.

* Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, the television home of the Nationals, will televise Strasburg’s first spring training appearance on March 9th at 1 p.m.ET on MASN and MASN HD from Space Coast Stadium.

Strasburg is expected to pitch two innings for the Washington, but MASN will televise the entire game.


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