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Dunn receives standing ovation from Nats fans

A few hours after learning that he was not dealt before the non-waiver trade deadline, Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn received a standing ovation from the sellout crowd of 38,049 during the team’s 7-5 victory over the Phillies at Nationals Park on Saturday.

The ovation occurred in the first inning when Dunn entered the batter’s box. It was the fans’ way of saying they were happy that Dunn is still a member of the Nationals. Dunn ranked the moment as one of the best in his career.

“That really means a lot, especially coming from where I came from,” Dunn said. “These fans really care if I stay or go. It means a lot. You tend to notice these things  lot more when you come to  place that really appreciates what you do and things like that.

“I can’t really put into words. It’s just one of those special things. When I retire, it’s one of the things that will be on the top of the list to remember.”

Dunn has been a popular figure the moment he arrived in Washington — and for good reason. Last year, Dunn hit a career high .267 with 38 home runs and 105 RBIs for the Nationals. This season, Dunn is hitting .276 with 24 home runs and 64 RBIs.

Nationals do not trade Dunn before deadline [updated]

WASHINGTON — The Nationals did not trade first baseman Adam Dunn before the non-waiver trade deadline. He came out of the trainer’s room at 4:05 p.m. ET — five minutes after the deadline — and went into the locker room to put on his baseball uniform before speaking to several members of the team’s ownership group. 

General manager Mike Rizzo stayed true to his word that he wanted a lot for Dunn, but opposing teams were not willing to give Washington what it wanted. Teams such as the Tigers, Rangers Rays, White Sox Yankees expressed interest in the left-handed hitting slugger. 

One thing was certain, the Nationals were not going to trade Dunn to the White Sox for right-hander Edwin Jackson, who is having a below average season. 

“The reason we didn’t trade Adam Dunn is that we never got a deal that we thought  was equal or greater value than Adam Dunn,” Rizzo said. “We were on the receiving end of the calls. We were not making the calls. We received a lot of interest in Adam. We didn’t see a equal return to what Adam Dunn brings to the ball club on and off the field.

“We were engaged right up to the last couple of minutes with some teams. Like I said, we just couldn’t come up with a deal I thought was good enough for the type of player Adam Dunn is.”

But Dunn pointed that he could be traded before the Aug. 31st waiver deadline. On Aug 14, 2008, the Reds traded Dunn to the D-backs for catcher Wilkin Castillo and a player to be named later, which turned out to be right-hander Micah Owings.

Deals involving players on the 40-man roster cannot be made unless the players already have cleared waivers. In other words, the player must be offered to the other teams in reverse order of the standings, and if he is claimed by one of the teams, he cannot be traded.

The club that placed the player on waivers can either withdraw the request and keep the player, or let the player go to the claiming team, which would then have the rights to the player.

Dunn, who is a free agent after the season, is hoping to get a contract extension done before that date. He is looking to get a four-year deal, but is willing to listen to three-year offer.

“I am happy that I’m still here. I don’ know if a deal will get done, but I’m sure we will continue to work on it,” Dunn said.

Rizzo reiterated that he wanted to sign Dunn to an extension, but didn’t want to say how the negotiations were going.

“We are going to talk extension with Adam Dunn and his representative, but we are certainly not going to talk about it with the media,” Rizzo said. “Adam Dunn is a big part of our ballclub. We have shown that by not trading him for lesser value.”

Dunn would accept DH role — for now

Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn has made it known over the years that he doesn’t like to be a designated hitter.

If he is traded to an American League team before the non-waiver trade deadline, Dunn would most likely have to accept that role for the final two months of the season and that appears to be fine with Dunn.

“This is DHing for two months or whatever,” Dunn said. “It’s not like, if I make this move, it’s career ending.”

Tigers have interest in Adam Dunn

With the injury to outfielder Magglio Ordonez, the Tigers have “great interest” in Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn, according to a baseball source.

The Tigers need a run producer after Ordonez fractured his right ankle in Saturday’s 3-2 loss to the Blue Jays, knocking him out for an estimated six to eight weeks.

If the Tigers were to acquire him, Dunn would be a designated hitter and play in the outfield. They already have a first baseman in Miguel Cabrera.

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo have said in the past that he would want a lot in return if he were to trade Dunn. Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski also indicated to local beat reporters that he would not trade top prospects for short-term players. 

Dunn, who was hitting .279 with 23 home runs and 62 RBIs entering Sunday’s action, is a free agent after the season. 

Twitter poll: What changes would Nats fans make?

On Saturday afternoon, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: When the second half starts, what changes would you like to see the Nats make? Here is what some of them had to say.

@thebrowncoat: Fix Tyler Clippard, please! Play better fundamentals. Play better defense. But I’m not sure how you “fix” that. It may be more of a personnel issue.

@davewordnerd: Send Justin Maxwell away, far away from DC. Figure out what’s wrong with the bullpen. Get more real bullpen pitchers.

@SodaPop6548: I would say the Nats need another catcher, who could give Pudge a few days off here and a good guy at second base.

@PhightinPride: I want to see Mike Morse be an everyday player.

@szul: No team changes. Just play better defense and get those hurt pitchers healthy.

@NatsFanInUK: Need a frontline outfielder and middle infield prospect. Time to peddle vets.

@PearCube: Fewer errors, Stephen Strasburg getting run support and a Jordan Zimmermann appearance. 

@OlkinComm: Nyjer Morgan should not lead off. Actually, he shouldn’t start. Start Bernadina in center and Morse in right.

@tbridge: Figure out the starting rotation. Wang/Zimmermann/Marquis need to audition for their spots, though.

@Kenz_aFan: Add one or two quality starting pitchers, decide on second base, replace Morgan with Bernadina, play Morse more often and replace Jim Riggleman with Davey Johnson.

@Lintyfresh85: Re-sign Adam Dunn, DFA Wil Nieves, find pitchers that have higher K/BB rates. Settle on second base. See if Nyjer is future in center field.

@texpadres: I’m thinking now that the Nats should stay put — mix of vets are already in place. Nats should release Adam Kennedy down stretch.

@TreyEley: Stop blowing leads!

@churchofbasebal: Changes? Stop promoting Strasburg like he’s going to lead the Nats to promised land.

@ghue: Sign some highly regarded international free agents.

@PhillyStanatic: Bernie in center and Morse in right field; Kennedy-trade/DFA; acquire a better backup catcher.

@j_aloysius: More playing time for Michael Morse. Less inconsistency with the lineups.

@zaronow: I would like to see the Nats make the moves that will allow them to contend next season

@TheNinerInsider: I’d like to see them get some their pitchers healthy. And trade Cristian Guzman and/or Kennedy

@skippaaaaah: Pitch Stephen Strasburg every game.

Twitter Poll: Should the Nats trade Dunn?

A few hours after Adam Dunn hit three home runs against the Padres, I asked a question to my Twitter followers: Do you think the Nats should trade first baseman Adam Dunn? Yes or No. Why?

Of the 50 people who responded, 46 said Dunn should not be traded. Three people felt the Nats should make a deal for him. One person wasn’t sure. Here is what some of the followers had to say.

@WillFacc: Absolutely not. He is the most feared hitter in our lineup. Can’t replace his RBIs.

@natsboy: They can’t replace him. There are few power bats in all of MLB like him. He should be able to sustain for next few years. The team’s fielding problems should be addressed by upgrading second base and shortstop, not first base.

@CDublin: Re-sign this man for like two more years.

@nat_meg: Why mess up the Nats’ 3-4-5 chemistry? Then again, Dunn is streaky and a new outfielder would be nice.

@PatsNats28: He made Ryan Zimmerman better last year, and Zim, Dunn, and Josh Willingham together are potent. Lock Dunn up at three years,40 million, four years, 48 million, whatever .

@RickandBach: Why? Forty homer guys don’t come around often.

@RHLevitin: Trading Dunn & breaking up the 3-4-5 combo would hurt the Nats more than Nyjer Morgan’s inability to steal bases consistently.

@tdogjuwan: Please don’t trade Dunn.

@donnysamson: Sign Dunn now. 

@bpat007: Of course not. Need to keep fans and Zimmerman happy.

@jcj5y: I think Dunn is worth more to the Nats than any other team, which makes trading him seem like a bad idea.

@szul: Only if they can get a deal equal to his production, which they won’t, so no.

@IBALLZACH: No reason to break up the best 3-4-5 hitting trio in baseball.

@ilovethenats: The team needs another year together, I think

@pbsenerchia: I doubt they will get the value Dunn brings overall, He’s important to this team. Trade Matt Capps, maybe.

@perryspicks: Dunn should not be traded. The Washington Nationals lead the majors in errors and have such a young team. Dunn provides leadership.

@NotRizzo: Only if it makes the Nats better. Otherwise take the 2 draft picks (and 20 more dingers in ’10!)

@tbridge: No, if they can sign him for a good deal. He’s core to the team. 

@Josh_Betts: He is one of the better hitters on your team and it would be hard 2 get a player of equal or  greater value for him. So, no.

@PaulyO7: Take a look at Wednesday’s game. He brings credibility to the Nats offense. Dumb move if traded.

@K_Garb: That’s a hard question. Depends on the return.

@CraigMac: This team will be ready to contend in short order. Pitching is months away from legitimacy. Why set the offense back for years?

@borzoi06: Did you see the three homers? But seriously, too early to trade. Next year or after, possibly, but not now.

@thebrowncoat: They’d have to offer the moon, sun and stars, but yes, I guess theoretically, you should be open to any offer. In reality though, my fear is general manager Mike Rizzo will trade Dunn for way-less than he’s worth.

@jypaulos: Don’t trade Dunn! He’s our Frank Howard. If they keep Dunn, someday the Nationals will be painting a seat white in the right field upper deck. Keep Dunn! 

@KimCinAZ: No!! A) He doesn’t want to. B) Nats fans deserve him. C) 2011 will be awesome with the chemistry/cohesion. He’s big part of it.

@magunwarrior: Hell no, He’s probably the most underrated slugger in the Majors and he wants to stay. I don’t think it’s much of a decision.

@rickyh17: They should not trade him. He’s an important part of the offense and the Nats can’t afford to lose that now. 

@Lintyfresh85: You don’t get better by trading away your second-best player.

@mezza76: Yes, for the Dunn trade. The free agent 1B class is big next year, and the Nats need a good second baseman, outfielder and starting pitching more.

@mlabovich: How will they replace him next year? Where is the big bat going to come from?

Dunn hits three homers vs Padres

First baseman Adam Dunn became the second player in Nationals history to hit three home runs in a game on Wednesday night. The accomplishment came against the Padres at Nationals Park.

The game was tied at 1 in the first inning when Dunn took Jon Garland’s 1-0 pitch and hit a three-run homer over the left center-field wall to increase the lead to 4-1.

Two innings later, after San Diego cut the lead to 4-2, Dunn took the first pitch from Garland and hit his second home run over the left center-field wall to give Washington a three-run lead.

After the Padres cut the led to 6-5 game in the top of the eighth inning, Dunn came to the plate and in the bottom of the inning and hit his third home run of the game on a 2-2 pitch off left-hander Joe Thatcher. 

The last member of the Nationals to hit three home run in a game was outfielder Alfonso Soriano in 2006.

Dunn sees winning attitude in Nats

After the Nationals won their 10th game of the season on Sunday afternoon, first baseman Adam Dunn believes the Nationals can keep winning and surprise opponents for the rest of the season.

“This team didn’t lose 102 games. That was last year,” Dunn said. 

Dunn believes the winning attitude started during the offseason, when the Nationals made moves to improve the team. They signed free agents Matt Capps, Adam Kennedy and Ivan Rodriguez and traded for Brian Bruney during the offseason.

The front office moves then carried over onto the field during Spring Training even though the team went 10-20 during the exhibition season.
“It might sound kind of corny — seeing what the front office people did and seeing that everyone is tired of losing — [they brought] in some guys who can play,” said Dunn who drove in the game winning run against the Dodgers on Sunday. “The attitude in Spring Training was great. I don’t know any person on this team that don’t believe we can do some damage. I don’t mean just compete. I mean win.”
Dunn said the 2009 Nationals would have found a way to lose a game. In the ninth inning of Sunday’s game, Justin Maxwell made a diving catch to save the game. Dunn is not sure if Maxwell would have made that play last year.

“Last year, it might have gotten in the sun or clank off his glove,” Dunn said. “I think everybody just expects to win every single night. Last year, it seemed like what could go wrong, went wrong.

“This year, it’s not that way. I think we are making our own luck. Everything is so positive around here now. All the negative crap is pretty much behind us. We know what we have and its showing on the field.”

Guzman to play often; Dunn may get defensive replacement

Cristian Guzman will start consecutive games at shortstop, according to Nationals manager Jim Riggleman. Guzman’s first game will be Friday against the Cardinals at Space Coast Stadium.  

Guzman has yet to start in consecutive games this spring because of family matters in Washington D.C. and he is still recovering from offseason shoulder surgery.

Guzman must show Washington that he can throw the ball hard on tough plays. If not, Ian Desmond will start the season as the everyday shortstop, while Guzman ends up as a utility player.

Trying to trade Guzman would be hard for the Nationals because he is making $8 million this season and has the right to veto any trade because he played in the Major Leagues for 10 years and five years for the Nationals.

* Riggleman said if the season were to start Thursday, he would use a defensive replacement in the late innings for first baseman Adam Dunn.

Riggleman declined to name the replacement, but Mike Morse and Josh Willingham are guys who have experience at the position.
“We have enough choices to do it,” Riggleman said. “But I’m not really having a lot of people do that kind of stuff yet because I want Adam to take it upon himself to convince us we don’t need to be doing it anyway.”      
* Right-hander Garrett Mock pitched against the Astros in a Minor League game Thursday and was hit hard. 

After having a solid first inning in which he threw 10 pitches, Mock left the ball up in the strike zone and gave up three home runs. He left the game after four innings.

“It was windy, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the groundball outs were hit fairly hard,” pitching coach Steve McCatty said. “He got some balls up and didn’t get ahead in the count. And that’s what happened. It really wasn’t a good start.”

Mock pitched in the Minor league game in order to give right-hander J.D. Martin a chance pitch on the big-league side.            

Dunn unable to play against Astros

Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn was unable to play against the Astros on Wednesday because of lower back spasms.

Dunn hurt his back in the top of the second inning the previous day after attempting to grab a ball hit by Marlins infielder Logan Morrison. Dunn was charged with an error on the play. After that game, Dunn vowed that he would make the trip to Kissimmee, Fla., to play against Houston, but he was still in pain when he woke up Wednesday morning.

He managed to make the trip with the team and was in the starting lineup. Dunn was able to take hitting practice without a problem, but had trouble moving on defense. Manager Jim Riggleman then decided to give Dunn another day off. Dunn hopes he could play against the Cardinals on Friday.

“I felt the hitting was OK. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, but it was kind of when I was bending down, [the pain] was still kind of there,” Dunn said. “We’ll get an off day. I’ll be in there Friday. Yesterday, it got better in a hurry. I was off the trainer’s table in 45 minutes. … If it was April 17th, I’m playing.”