Moore trying to take advantage of playing time

By Bill Ladson

WASHINGTON – Nationals first baseman Tyler Moore doesn’t play often, but he took advantage of the playing time he received the last two games against the Marlins.

Starting because of the oblique injury to Ryan Zimmerman, Moore went 3-for-8, with two home runs and four RBIs.

“It’s great to help these guys a little bit, get a couple of knocks and kind of get things going,” Moore said.

Moore has been in and out of the Major Leagues the last three years. It’s one of the reasons he is out of Minor League options. When he is with the Major League team, playing time is scarce. Don’t look for Moore to complain about that, though.

“There are some things you can’t control,” Moore said. “One thing you can control is the attitude. You just try to come every day and be a light to this locker room, keep my mouth shut and just do my work. That’s what they need from a bench guy.”


T-Mo deserves a shot at playing every day with a team somewhere. Will never get it with Nats as long as RZimm is around, even though he hasn’t been healthy for years.

It time to get a decent prospect in return for TyMo.

Give him plenty of AB’s against righties through the end of the season.

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