Nationals Mailbag: August 29

Q: by you. A: by Jacob Emert.

I’m not big on introductions. Let’s get right to it.

Q:  Do you think they overestimated the strength of their pitching, thinking it would pull them through slumps? – @krimar

A: I think the Nationals thought they had a really good pitching staff, which is what we all thought. I still think they do. On paper, given previous years’ success, it was a reasonable presumption. The fact that it hasn’t lived up to all the hype isn’t exactly a huge surprise, as 1. reality rarely meets hype and 2. overloaded pitching staffs with several “aces” have frequently underperformed historically.

Q:  What do you plan to do during the playoffs? – @NathanWarters

A: Well, since they sit 6.5 games back, I was thinking of taking some art classes.

Q: Do you think the Nats show Desmond and Williams the door this offseason? – jay_cheung94

A: Show them the door? No. I think Williams will be back. He was GM Mike Rizzo’s hand-picked manager, and whatever your opinions of him may be, the amount that this team has underperformed does not fall on his shoulders. As for Desmond, more on that in a second.

Q:  How have the Nats been able to keep their waiver moves secret this year? – @SwanniOnTV

A: They’re secret for every team. The waiver process as a whole is designed to be kept away from public consumption.

Q: What’s your favorite meal in the press box? – @benbrown04

A: Tonight’s barbecue was pretty strong, but a well-made cheesesteak is hard to beat.

Q: Given the current situation who do you fire first and who do DFA and who do you promote and what FA next year do they chase – @CBJinDC

A: Believe it or not, my role as an associate reporter for does not give me the authority to fire anybody. As far as the free agent for 2016, my man Bill Ladson thinks Matt Wieters is a real possibility. I tend to agree.

Q: I would want to know what the schedule is looking like for next year? – @DArkMEATHOOK

A: The actual schedule? Like who they play? MLB announces it in early September, but I can tell you they will play every NL East team 19 times. I have a pretty strong feeling about that.

Q: Can u run down the list of pending FAs & discuss who is likely to get a QO & who isn’t? – @34sPompadour

A: Sure can. Jordan Zimmermann, Ian Desmond, Denard Span and Doug Fister. Of that list, I think Span is offered a qualifying offer. Given the uncertainty with his back, I could see it as a good possibility for both parties. Other than that, I think Desmond and Zimmerman will both be offered a QO, but both will take bigger deals elsewhere. I also think the Nationals and Doug Fister part ways after this season.

Q: When does and how does someone press the PANIC button in #Nats clubhouse? – @TheRallyMullet

A: If such a button exists, the Nationals keep it pretty well hidden. I’m in the clubhouse every day and I haven’t seen one. As for how, I imagine it’s one of those “Deal Or No Deal” things where you have to flip open a case to ensure it’s not pressed by accident.

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Nationals/Redskins. Maybe we could solve two problems at once….if RG3 could pitch in relief! Did he ever do that in college?

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