Q&A: Tyson Ross proud of little brother

By Bill Ladson

There are two players with the last name of Ross in the big leagues. Joe Ross plays for the Nationals, while his older brother, Tyson, is a pitcher for the Padres. As they play each other in a three-game series starting Tuesday night, Tyson will pitch Wednesday, while Joe will be on the mound on Thursday.

MLB.com caught up with Tyson before Tuesday’s game to talk about his brother’s success in the big leagues.

MLB.com: How surprised are you that Joe has made it this quickly? He has done really well.

Tyson Ross: I’m not too surprised. It’s a matter of opportunity, and he has made the most of it since he was given that shot earlier this year.

MLB.com: What impressed you the most since Joe has been in the big leagues?

Ross: It seems like he has been consistent. He has been in jams and kept his cool. He has been able to make pitches. He doesn’t seem like a 22-year-old kid out there.

MLB.com: The biggest thing they talk about is Joe’s composure. How do you think he was able to get it?

Ross: He has been watching baseball a long time. He followed me around through travel ball. He has seen me in college. He saw me in the professional levels when he was in high school. It’s kind of nothing new to him. In the big leagues or ballparks, he is used to it. He has been waiting his turn. Now that he has got it, he said, “I belong here. It’s time to go to work.”

MLB.com: When you and Gio Gonzalez were with the Oakland A’s, the two of you used to go to Joe’s high school games.

Ross: Before Joe’s debut, the last time I actually saw him was a high school game that Gio and I went to when we were teammates in Oakland. It’s pretty crazy. Those two are teammates. It goes to show how long it has been since I’ve seen Joe play. It’s pretty cool that Gio is a good friend of mine and they are playing together. Now I have Gio to keep an eye on my younger brother.

MLB.com: How does it feel to have your parents watch both of you in the big leagues?

Ross: They are really supportive of both of us. They have a chance to come out here and watch games on back-to-back nights to see their sons pitching. It’s going to be pretty cool.

MLB.com: How does it feel to have him follow in your footsteps?

Ross: It’s cool. It was probably hard on him. He probably felt he was in big brother’s shadow his whole life. But he is his own person. He has done a good job. It’s pretty cool to be playing in the same level at this point. He was steps behind. Now, we are equals.

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