Nats’ Ramos, Lobaton trying to improve catching throws from right field

By Bill Ladson

WASHINGTON — Before Saturday’s game against the Brewers, Nationals manager Matt Williams had catchers Wilson Ramos and Jose Labaton work on catching throws from right field.

The practice came a day after Lobaton, normally a quality catcher, had a tough time catching a good throw from Bryce Harper in the seventh inning against the Brewers. It allowed two runs to score and Harper was charged with an error on the play.

“We want to make sure, given the homestand and us playing extended games [at Nationals Park], we want to make sure we have a good feel [for the throws]. That’s all it was today,” Williams said.

Ramos, especially, has had problems catching throws with a short hop from Harper. Ramos tries to tag the runner and catch the ball at the same time, which leads to the ball going past Ramos and allowing the runner to score.

There was pitching machine in right field, shooting missiles to Ramos and Lobaton. While they were making the plays, there is nothing like making the plays during the game.

“It helps us get more comfortable at the plate and practice the position of receiving the ball,” Ramos said. “Receiving balls from the outfield, we have short bounces, so it’s not easy catch that ball. You are thinking about the runner and the ball and you want to catch the ball and tag the runner quickly.

“Sometimes, we miss the ball because we try to be too quick. It’s part of the game. I know we have to catch the ball first and then tag the runner. We were practicing today — just catch the ball and [tag] the runner.


Kinda reminds me of the Dodgers using Catchers Steve Yeager and Joe Ferguson in the same World Series lineup (Joe in RF against the Oakland A’s)on a fly ball to nearly the warning track Ferguson calls off the CF Jimmy Wynn! And delivers a one hop strike to yeager who tags out the speedy Claudell Washington,tagging up and trying to score from third! My all time favorite WS hilite and series’s on you tube,Walter Alston used Ferguson in right for his added pop and it paid off more often than not,

Good idea, wait til 120 games into the season to work on something.

@Henry, while I agree MW is lacking in some areas as a manger, I don’t think this is really too bad. 1) it hasn’t been a HUGE issue all year 2) It was mainly done since it had just happened the day before and they had time to practice it while it was fresh on their mind. 3) Ramos missed quite a few games so yea the NATS have played 122, he’s only played about 60 (with injuries & days off). If coaches had practices for every little thing that went wrong the team would never go home. There’s always going to be things to work on.

Wrong on all counts. First of all, Ramos, despite all his defensive blunders (which also include NEVER making an accurate throw to the pitcher covering home after a “wild pitch” despite the pitcher being there in plenty of time on multiple occasions along with almost never catching a ball from the outfield that bounces) AND despite hitting in the .230’s, has played in over 75% of the Nats games (94 to be exact). Second, it has happened OFTEN. In fact, he misses more throws that bounce than he catches, despite most of them being very decent and playable balls.
Plus, he doesn’t frame pitches as well as Lobaton. Lobaton should be playing for that defensive plus alone, considering you’re not losing much offense given Ramos’s .230ish average and habit of hitting the ball on the ground at a rate almost twice the MLB average (which results in GDP’s galore).
Yeah, Williams must go. Waiting until 120 games in to finally do something about a problem that has been evident for two years now is only part of it. Playing a shortstop who’s results have CONSISTENTLY, year after year since 2012, gotten worse in EVERY important CATEGORY (avg, obp, slg, ops, k’s, errors), handling the bullpen as though he has no clue, and most of all, for the lifelessness and lack of team focus that altogether has a team with maybe (MAYBE) the best talent in the National League flirting with a losing record.

Gee, shouldn’t this have been done in spring training?
And when will Ramos get a work session — or more than one — on framing pitches? A problem all year.

how ’bout if the Nats explained TAKE THE MASK OFF once the ball is hit.
They will see the ball better. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THEM!!!

Their work session was ONLY ten minutes? That’s absurd! Not long enough to accomplish anything!

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