Nats’ McCatty ejected from Saturday’s game vs. Giants

By Bill Ladson

SAN FRANCISCO – Nationals pitching coach Steve McCatty, normally a mild mannered man, was ejected by home plate umpire Corey Blaser on Saturday night in the bottom of the third inning for reasons unknown.

The Giants had the bases loaded when McCatty came out to talk to left-hander Gio Gonzalez. After talking to Gonzalez for about a minute, McCatty was on his way back to the dugout when he started arguing with Blaser, who ejected the pitching coach. Matt Williams then talked to Blaser to no avail.

It was the first time McCatty was ejected from a game this season.

1 Comment

Well, finally someone on the coaching staff showed some passion and some anger.
Of course, Matty “The Robot” Williams never will. It’s time for Matty “The Robot” to be unplugged.

Harold G. Pavel

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