August 13: Nationals at Giants

by Jacob Emert

The Nationals couldn’t figure out Clayton Kershaw last night, and the Dodgers took the series two games to one. Tonight, Washington and the Giants start a four-game series in San Francisco.

Below are the lineups for tonight’s game, accompanied by each players’ batting average.

Washington Nationals (58-55)

Yunel Escobar – 3B (.308)

Anthony Rendon – 2B (.265)

Bryce Harper – RF (.330)

Ryan Zimmerman – 1B (.229)

Jayson Werth – LF (.188)

Ian Desmond – SS (.223)

Wilson Ramos – C (.235)

Michael Taylor – CF (.244)

Stephen Strasburg – RHP (6-5, 4.76)

San Francisco Giants (60-53)

Gregor Blanco – CF (.287)

Matt Duffy – 3B (.304)

Brandon Belt – 1B (.272)

Buster Posey – C (.331)

Hunter Pence – RF (.285)

Brandon Crawford – SS (.267)

Justin Maxwell – LF (.220)

Kelby Tomlinson – 2B (.250)

Ryan Vogelsong -RHP (7-8, 4.26)

1 Comment

Your late again by a game and a day. Guess you did not want to look at the current standings which show us behind the Mets by another game. Oh well, I guess you will catch up. At least that is what Matt Willams and his royal highness “Il Duce” Mike Rizzo are telling us. This seasons failings are largely “Il Duce’s” fault. His maniacal obsessive over emphasis on pitching over hitting has led the Nats to their current drift downward. Rizzo must truly believe in that erroneous old baseball adage that pitching and defense wins games. The truer adage is that pitching, defense and sustained good hitting wins championships. What this season has taught us, if anything, is that if you send your pitchers out constantly, asking them to throw shutouts or protect miserable 1 or 2 run leads that you will overstress and wear them out over the course of a 162 game season. Truth be known, “Il Duce” has never believed in good hitting, probably because of his own poor record of hitting when he was playing organized ball. He thinks hitting is caused by some kind of voodoo, or at least it seems that way. And Matt Willams conforms to that old adage of insanity of doing the same thing over and over again and somehow expecting a different result. With the present administrative strategy toward building a team the Nats will never be anything more than a second rate, second place team.

Harold G. Pavel

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