August 8, lineups vs. the Rockies

by Jacob Emert

In the seventh inning of last night’s game, it looked like the Nationals were going to gain one game on the Mets, who at the time were trailing the Rays. Fast-forward about 30 minutes and the script was completely flipped, with the Nationals blowing a three-run lead in the eighth and the Mets coming from behind to win.


Below are the lineups for tonight’s game, accompanied by each player’s walk and strikeout percentages (K% / BB%).

Washington Nationals (56-52)

Anthony Rendon – 3B (14.6/11.5)

Danny Espinosa – 2B (23.1/7.9)

Bryce Harper – RF (20.1/18.8)

Ryan Zimmerman – 1B (18.8/8.0)

Clint Robinson – LF (14.0/10.0)

Ian Desmond – SS (29.3/5.6)

Wilson Ramos – C (19.3/3.9)

Michael Taylor – CF (32.0/5.9)

Stephen Strasburg – RHP (5-5, 5.16 ERA)

Colorado Rockies (46-61)

Charlie Blackmon – CF (18.6/7.0)

Jose Reyes – SS (13.2/9.2)

Carlos Gonzalez – RF (24.4/10.3)

Nolan Arenado – 3B (19.0/7.1)

Ben Paulsen – 1B (25.0/4.2)

D.J. LaMahieu – 2B (20.0/11.8)

Nick Hundley – C (19.7/4.9)

Brandon Barnes – LF (20.5/12.8)

Eddie Butler – RHP (3-8, 5.45 ERA)

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