Nats’ Scherzer looking for perfection

By Bill Ladson
WASHINGTON – Even though he picked up a win and a no-decision in his last two starts, Nationals right-hander Max Scherzer is a perfectionist. 

After Tuesday’s 5-4 victory against the D-Backs, Scherzer was not pleased that he allowed a combined six walks in those starts.Prior to June 30, Scherzer never walked more than two batters in a game. He even went five consecutive games without walking a batter.

Scherzer believes he is not attacking hitters early in the count or throwing putaway pitches.

“That’s something I’ve been good at this whole year,” Scherzer said. “I’m constantly throwing first-pitch strikes, working ahead of the count. I’m always on the offensive. [Lately], it feels like I’m falling behind in the count just enough that it’s leading me into bad counts, which leads to walks. It’s nothing mechanical. I have to dial it in mentally.”

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