Uggla: ‘Braves are going in right direction’

WASHINGTON – Nationals second baseman Dan Uggla has watched the Braves from afar, and he believes with all the moves they have made recently, they are going in the right direction.

Uggla, who played for Atlanta from 2011-14, said he wasn’t too shocked that Atlanta traded closer Craig Kimbrel to the Padres. Uggla is most impressed by how the Braves have revamped their farm system.

“[Braves general manager] John Hart has a plan over there, and they have revamped their Minor League system,” Uggla said. “The trades they have made, the prospects they have received, they have revamped their farm system. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with probably sooner than expected.”

Uggla also said the Braves have good people in the organization and he is glad they acquired protection for his friend, Freddie Freeman.

“They needed to clean a lot of things up from what’s been going on the last five years,” Uggla said. “I’m happy to see them go in the right direction. I’m excited for them. I’m happy to see Freddie [Freeman] has a big power guy [Nick Markakis] to hit behind him. I know [Freeman] lost a lot of friends to trades this offseason. He’ll be fine.

“I grew up a Braves fan. I hope nothing but the best for them, except when they play us, of course. I met a lot of great people in that organization. I’m happy to see they are getting back on track. “

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