Werth tweaks sprained ankle vs. Mets

By Daniel Popper 

WASHINGTON – Jayson Werth aggravated his sprained ankle in the bottom of the first inning Tuesday night against the Mets at Nationals Park.

With two outs, Werth connected on a groundball to short. But as he was leaving the batter’s box, he caught his foot and tweaked the injury he suffered in Miami on July 28 while trying to stretch a hit into a double against the Marlins.

After Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada gunned Werth out at first, the right fielder waited near the base in clear discomfort. Trainer Lee Kuntz and manager Matt Williams came to check on him, but Werth remained in the game.

“We went out there and asked him and he was fine,” Williams said. “He ran fine the rest of the night.”

After the game, Werth said tonight’s incident wasn’t the first time he’s experienced a setback with the injury over the past week. But ultimately, it’s something he expects.

“I’ve been playing on it. Obviously, if you sprain your ankle, you’re going to have to play through some pain,” Werth said. “Just kind of bit a little bit coming out of the box, but I think it’s happened a couple other times since I’ve done it, so it’s playable. I’m just hanging in there.”

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