Batted ball hits Blevins in second straight game

By Daniel Popper

For the second time in as many games Friday night against the Braves, a batted ball struck Nationals reliever Jerry Blevins.

On Thursday, Blevins took a line drive off his left knee in the 8th inning on an RBI single from Braves third baseman Chris Johnson. The ball trickled to the outfield past Anthony Rendon, and Blevins ran to the third base line to back up the play with a noticeable limp, but he stayed in the game. After the contest, Blevins appeared in the clubhouse with bandage on his knee and said he iced the injury as a precautionary measure.

Friday’s mishap included less pain and an improved outcome when Ramiro Pena slapped a low line drive up the middle in the 12th inning. The ball hit Blevins on the underside of his foot and deflected right to first base, where Adam LaRoche was waiting to scoop it up for the final out of the frame.

“I decided to kick it towards the other side of the infield,” Blevins joked. “Luckily, this one got me in the bottom of the foot and ricocheted toward somebody.”

Blevins returned for the 13th inning and surrendered two runs in an eventual 6-4 loss for the Nationals.

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