Nats’ Gonzalez playing catch with idol — Posada

By Bill Ladson

WASHINGTON — During the offseason, Nationals left-hander Gio Gonzalez had bullpen sessions every Tuesday at the University of Miami with former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada.

“I think Jorge is a great mentor, a childhood dream,” Gonzalez said. “I always dreamt about pitching to Jorge Posada. It’s not that often you get a guy that is more than happy to catch a bullpen for you. … He is an inspiration as an idol. He is everything you could possibly think of and more. He is a true definition of an athlete.”

Gonzalez put photos of him and Posada on Twitter and had some people believe that Posada was  possibly  making a comeback. But Gonzalez wants everybody to know that Posada will remain retired. In the meantime Gonzalez is getting sound advice from Posada, who teaching him about pitching mechanics, patients and hitting his spots in the strike zone.

“You just sit there and listen,” Gonzalez said. “How many times [do] you have a [five-] title guy coming up to you with the information he has.”

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