Tuesday’s lineup for Nats

1. Span–CF
2. Zimmerman–3B
3. Harper–LF
4. Werth–RF
5. Desmond–SS
6. LaRoche–1B
7. Ramos–C
8. Rendon–4
9. Ohlendorf–9

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Thomas Boswell pounded the Nats again in today’s Washington Post Sports page for their almost criminal lack of fundamental baseball. Last Sunday’s game (of giveaway) illustrated that fact perhaps more than any other game this season. It also further illustrates the need to have Manager and Head Coach who rules with and iron fist. As I understand it Matt Williams is under consideration because of those desperately needed qualities. The only thing better is if you could somehow resurrect Leo DeRoacher and hire him as Skipper. But no more Davey Johnson who does not have the needed fire for the job. And most definitely no Rick Ekstein, but a truly competent hitting coach to match and support a truly no nonsense Manager.

Harold G. Pavel

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