Nats’ Harper has temper tantrum

Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper had a temper tantrum during Sunday’s 4-1 loss to the Phillies. Harper was upset after being taken out in a double switch in the sixth inning.

Manager Davey Johnson wanted bench coach Randy Knorr to tell Harper right away that he was being taken out of the game. But before Knorr could do anything, Harper was seen “destroying helmets on the runway,” according to Johnson.

“I said, ‘Randy, will you get to him. Please get to him.’” Johnson said. “I really didn’t have a choice. I didn’t care if it was Babe Ruth.”

Harper, who is never happy when he is not playing, is 18-for-85 [.212] with three home runs and eight RBIs during the month of August.


At home, they have a punching bag off the tunnel. Maybe they should bring one with them on the road.

He was brought up too soon. His swing has to be adjusted and should be sent down to the minors to re-establish himself. There are other players better than him sitting on the bench. The nationals will not win with him in the lineup.

His frequent outbursts of temper are very troubling. I don’t care if he’s only 19 years old. Most 19-year olds don’t react with anger on such a regular basis every time something doesn’t go their way. His inability to control his emotions is huring himself and the team. Bernie and Lombo are BOTH playing and hitting better than him. They should be starting. This is a pennant race we’re in – not a perpetual training session for Harper.

You are so right. He is a spoiled brat and needs to be taken down a notch or two.

The batting order is slumping.I C a change in the lineup.I C Lombardossi starting full time and Harper being platooned.Ever since Lombo has been back to the bench,the Nats have faltered.Get him back in there hook or crook,and play Tyler Moore at first base.Its September,time to experiment.

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