Wind at Wrigley hurts Nats’ Zimmerman

The wind was blowing in and that didn’t help the Nationals during their 2-1 victory over the Cubs. Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, for example, likely missed out on two homers in the game.

In the first inning, with runners on first and second, Zimmerman hit a ball that appeared to be going over the center-field wall, but it was caught near the warning track.

In the sixth inning, Zimmerman led off and hit what looked like a solo homer over the left-field wall, but it was caught on the warning track by Alfonso Soriano.

“I had some good at-bats today. … But hopefully, I’ll get some wind-blown homers the other way — maybe,” Zimmerman said. “You can never look at things like that. The truth is they weren’t homers, but more importantly, we won.”


Werth’s fly ball to center field with the bases loaded would have been out of the park without the wind. That’s another 4 runs….

Actually, Werh had 2 that would have gone out. One of those weird days.

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