Nats’ LaRoche tested vs. Cardinals

Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche was tested in the first inning of an 8-4 victory over the Cardinals on Monday afternoon.

With runners on first and third and one out, Cardinals first baseman Matt Adams hit a routine groundball to LaRoche, who softly threw the ball to catcher Jesus Flores. Yadier Molina was tagged out at the plate.

According to LaRoche, he didn’t have any problems with his left shoulder which was surgically repaired last year. LaRoche ended up going 0-for-2 with a walk in the game.

“I have a little more in the tank than that,” LaRoche said about the throw. “… If I need to rush something or throw across to third, I have a little more than that. The way it’s progressing, I think two weeks from now, it will be even better. I’m fine with that. That’s the way it is. But I think it will continue to get better. So far, no setbacks from the shoulder.”

LaRoche is still feeling some soreness in his left foot, but he said it’s better than it was a week ago.

“We have it wrapped up pretty tight,” LaRoche said. “I’m really hoping I don’t have to do this [wrapping the foot] forever. … But it’s good enough to play right now. … It’s not great turning, it’s not great running the bases yet, but a lot better than it was a week ago.”

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