Morse looking to play Monday vs. Cardinals

Nationals left fielder Michael Morse plans to return to action Monday as the designated hitter against the Cardinals at Space Coast Stadium.

Morse has missed the last eight games because of a right lat (back) strain. His biggest problem was throwing the baseball, but he was able to throw from 90 feet on Saturday.

However manager Davey Johnson seems to doubt that Morse can play, pointing out that Morse had a cortisone shot the same day he threw the baseball.

“Mikey Mo had a couple more shots. … Cortisone,” Johnson said. “He said he wanted to DH on Monday but I don’t see how. He’s probably going to be a little sore today because he had it done, I think, yesterday. We’ll see how he’s doing.”

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It is incredibly stupid to play this guy with something like this. All a cortisone shot does is hide the pain. That’s all. Sit and recuperate no matter how long it takes, Mike. Or play and end up like LaRoche last year with a rotator cuff injury that puts you out for two years.

Shut down!

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