Harris: Buehrle would be great fit for Nats

It was learned recently that the Nationals have expressed interest in free-agent left-hander Mark Buehrle, and former Nationals outfielder Willie Harris said Buehrle would be a great fit for the Nationals or any other National League team.

Harris should know. The two were teammates with the White Sox for four seasons and won a World Series title in 2005.

“He knows what he is doing on the mound,” said Harris, who played with the Mets this past season. “He is not going to light up a radar gun, but he has been able to get people out for the last 12 years. He works fast. The defense behind him is always going to be on their toes. There is not a lot of times wasted when Mark Buehrle is on the mound.”

Harris said the year White Sox won the World Series, Buehrle was the guy the team went to for a big victory.

“Mark Buehrle was the leader of the rotation,” Harris said. “We had Freddy Garcia, Jon Garland, Jose Contreras, but Buehrle led the way. I’m not taking anything away from those other pitchers, but I just felt that Mark Buehrle was the guy. He was the ace for the White Sox for a long time.”

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