Nats looking for bench coach; Corrales re-assigned

Nationals manager Davey Johnson said on Monday that everyone on the 2011 coaching will return next season with the exception of Pat Corrales, who was the bench coach. However, Corrales will remain in the organization, most likely in the Minor League system.

Corrales had three tenures as Washington’s bench coach. Besides Johnson, Corrales worked in a similar role for Manny Acta and Jim Riggleman.

“Pat is invaluable in the system. I love him to death and he did a great job, but we’ll probably have a different coach there,” Johnson said.

Johnson and general Mike Rizzo declined to say who could become the next bench coach for the team.

Meanwhile Rick Eckstein [hitting coach], Trent Jewett [First base], Steve McCatty [pitching], Bo Porter [third-base coach] and Jim Lett [bullpen] will remain in their roles for next season.


Can’t wait for people to begin to comment on retaining Eck, blaming him for low hitting prowess. Of course, they forget that the last hitting coach to have a significant effect on a whole team’s hitting was Charly Lau, and he died 30 years ago.

The Cards hit like hell!

I guess that Rizzo/DJ are looking for someone who can step in and manage if DJ is not able, he is 68 with some health problems. A sudden mid-late year manager change during a wild card chase could be damaging. Or, maybe, looking beyond 2012, they may be looking for DJ’s replacement for 2013.They obviously do not think Corrales is the man.

Yes, the Cards hit like H. Please give us Freese!

I am happy we are getting some stability in the coaching staff. Now let’s see if we can get the same stability in the Booth too

You don’t think Mark McGuire has had an influence on the Cardinals hitting the last few years?

are you serious? Besides me; WHY? Everyone knows ECKSTEIN has to go;;; he is the last LEFT OVER from the EXPOS! We need a hitting coach; NOW. and our boys need to work out this winter…

Eckstein was not with Montreal. When the Franchise Moved to DC Mitchell Paige was the batting Coach. And even if he was a Montreal Product what is wrong with that? He is a National now! Get used to it!

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