Strasburg has impressive outing vs. Marlins

Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg pitched his best game of the year in a 3-1 victory over the Marlins on Wednesday afternoon.

Strasburg, who was not on a pitch limit, threw six shutout innings, allowed one hit and struck out a season-high 10 batters.

Manager Davey Johnson said Strasburg could have pitched another inning, but the skipper decided against it.

“I was pretty impressed and what I liked more about it was that he just pitched,” Johnson said. “He didn’t overthrow, stayed within himself, made pitches. I could have gotten another inning out of him, but I’m pleased with what I saw. He is now one of the boys. He is back.”

For Strasburg, who missed most of this season rehabbing his arm because of Tommy John surgery, was pleased with his performance, but said there is still a lot of work to be done before next season.

“I felt pretty good out there, just going out there pounding the strike zone,” Strasburg said. “After today, it’s all water under the bridge. I’m going into the offseason [and] I still have a lot of work to do. I’m still not back to where I want to be. I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can again.”

Strasburg was also pleased that he was able to throw his breaking pitches for strikes. He had problems locating the pitches for almost a month.

“It’s something I’ve been searching for this last month,” Strasburg said. “I wasn’t going to be hard on myself just knowing that [they are pitches] I started throwing at the end of July. It’s something that is going to come back with just reps and feel. Today, I have it back. Going into the offseason, I’m going to work hard and I know it’s going to be there come Spring Training.”

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