Wang, Nationals talking extension

Right-hander Chien-Ming Wang and the Nationals are in the “preliminary stages” of trying to get an extension done, according to agent Alan Nero.

Wang, who is a free agent after this season, made it known several weeks ago that he feels loyalty toward the Nationals because they took care of him when he had shoulder problems the last two years. He also said money will not be an issue.

“They have taken care of me a lot the past two years. So I want to come back,” said Wang, who is making $1 million this season. “I want to help them get more wins. I just want to get back, no matter the salary.”

Nero declined to say how much money or the length of the contract Wang was looking for, but Nero reiterated that Wang wants to return to Washington. Manager Davey Johnson also made it known that he wants Wang to be a member of the Nationals in 2012.

General manager Mike Rizzo wasn’t available for comment.

Wang continues to make progress since returning from his shoulder woes. Entering Friday’s action against the Braves, Wang has appeared in 10 games, and is 3-3 with a 4.31 ERA.

In his last start on Sunday against Marlins, Wang pitched 6 2/3 innings, allowing three runs and striking out a season-high five batters in a 4-3 victory.


he is hi value and low cost

How about Ryan Z. and Mike Morse?

Don’t worry, they will take care of them too. Mike Morse won’t be a FA until 2014, but he is arbitration-eligible in the off-season, so look for the Nats to sweeten the pot by increasing his salary. On Zimm, they need to lock him up for another long-term contract, cause I think his current one expires in 2013. After what they wasted on Werth, these two are surely deserving of lots more.

Go Wanger, nice pitch and got first hit today. You will be the winner next season.

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