Johnson wants to make changes to rotation

Nationals manager Davey Johnson sees his starting rotation continue to struggle, but he is also well aware of the young arms — Tom Milone and Brad Peacock — impressing with at Triple-A Syracuse, and he wants to see them in Washington soon.

The Nationals’ starters have a combined 5.97 ERA in 13 games since the All-Star break, and Johnson is ready for some changes.

“We have a couple of guys that are knocking on the door, pitchers in particular,” Johnson said. “Depending on what happens the next couple of days we might be seeing a new, young arm up here. Right now with the starting pitching, we have to have some improvement there.”

Milone, a left-hander, spent the entire season in Syracuse, where he is 8-6 with a 3.62 ERA in 19 starts. The 10th-round pick in 2008 out of Southern California threw 117 innings with 120 strikeouts and only 10 walks.

Peacock made it to the 2011 XM All-Star Futures Game after a dominant first half with Double-A Harrisburg and got the call to Triple-A while in Phoenix. In just his third Triple-A start he threw a one-hitter over seven innings.

“Those are the guys I’d like to get some experience up here,” Johnson said.

— Steven Miller


About time, he said something right! That would set our rotation for next year just about!

The season is over as far as getting to any playoffs. Let’s see what the young arms can do and then we’ll know what the future may hold with the likes of Strasburg, Peacock, Zimmermann and maybe Milone. Davey knows his baseball and the front office needs to listen to him. Once he gets the team his way, we then will see some changes and better play.

Yeah, Davey knows his baseball. I believe he is 9 and 18 since he took over. The team was something like 12 and 3 when he took the reigns. Davey knew baseball back when Bill Clinton was President.

As a Washington sports fan, I’m getting a tremendous sense of deja vu. An aging, formerly great coach, who has been out of his sport as a head coach for a decade, is called in to save the day. Reminds me a little of the Joe Gibbs experiment. Davey seems like a kindly grandfather figure who is watching as the team that showed so much promise this season goes to crap. It makes me sick.

Three more irritants:

1. Please sweet Lord Jesus please don’t quote Jayson Werth (he’s the one who recently sported a reverse fu manchu) concerning what it will take for the team to turn around. Every time I open the sports page or browse online it seems he has some wisdom to impart concerning what is wrong with the Nationals. He is a huge part of what is wrong with the Nationals. He is a rally killer. He doesn’t hustle or play very well in the field. He has handcuffed us with his salary.

2. Riggleman lost his job, but Rizzo, who signed Werth for a king’s ransom, stays. Huh? Shouldn’t Rizzo have signed Riggleman for an additional year at 600K to give him the stability he needed. Then, if he wanted to make a move, you let Riggleman keep the 600K for making the team respectable. Our team is once again the laughing-stock of MLB. How depressing.

3. What incriminating pictures are in the possession of the Nats hitting coach? We are the dumbest team in MLB when it comes to our approach at the plate. We fail to protect the plate with two strikes. We let pitchers out of jams by swinging at bad pitches. It is a mess.

The season has been over since the Riggleman debacle. Would anybody like to buy the rest of my season tickets? Since the team is packing it in I think they should reimburse season ticket holders for the rest of our tickets. When Davy took over he said this could be a playoff team this year, now we are rebuilding again. WTF!!!! We are turning into the Pirates (and not the winning ones from this season) and trading away are present to build toward a future that never seems to come.

If I wanted to watch the minor leagues I would pay a lot less and go to Bowie!

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