Nats who could be traded before deadline

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo recently said he is looking to acquire starting pitching and “two-way” position players before the non-waiver trade deadline, which is July 31st.

Below is a list of current Nationals players Rizzo could trade to get what he wants.

Roger Bernadina, CF — Some key members of the Nationals organization see Bernadina as a corner outfielder, but with Bryce Harper possibly coming to the big leagues as early as next year, one wonders if there is any room for Bernadina. Harper is expected to start his big-league career in left field.

Sean Burnett, LHP — As recently as two weeks ago, the Yankees had their eyes on Burnett, but it seems hard to believe the Nationals would trade him because manager Davey Johnson said he would like to have two lefties out of the bullpen.

Tyler Clippard, RHP — Opposing teams are interested in Clippard — and for good reason. He is clearly Washington’s best reliever. However, Rizzo has to be blown away to trade the right-hander. A quality leadoff hitter and a starting pitcher would be nice in exchange for Clippard.

Todd Coffey, RHP — Teams like the Rangers have had their eyes on Coffey for quite some time, however, since June 1, Coffey has allowed 11 runs in 15 2/3 innings.

Tom Gorzelanny, LHP -– When he is on, Gorzelanny will get a lot of strikeouts. When he struggles, the ball goes out of the park most of the time.

Ian Desmond, SS — He has been outstanding defensively, but has struggled mightily at the plate. The Nationals have a Plan B if Desmond continues to struggle. They would promote Steve Lombardozzi to the big league to play to second base and move Danny Espinosa from second to shortstop, his original position.

Jerry Hairston Jr., INF, OF — His best work came while filling in for third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, who missed more than two months of the season because of abdominal problems. A playoff team could use Hairston for its bench.

Livan Hernandez, RHP — If a team needs a pitcher with playoff experience, Hernandez is the guy. There are days when he is unhittable and other days when he is throwing batting practice.

Jesus Flores, C — Opposing teams look at Flores as a project. After missing almost two years of action because of a shoulder injury, Flores still looks rusty. Scouts believe he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw out opposing base stealers.

Jason Marquis, RHP — Marquis said he would like to stay with the Nationals and get a multi-year deal. But with Chien-Ming Wang, Stephen Strasburg and Brad Peacock on the way, one has to believe Marquis will be one of the first to be dealt before the deadline.

Laynce Nix, OF/1B — His value is higher than ever. For the first time in his career, Nix is playing every day and is the second best hitter on the team behind Michael Morse. Nix also is an above average outfielder

Ivan Rodriguez, C — He is eligible to come off the disabled list late this week. The question is, does Pudge have enough in the tank to help a playoff contender? Behind the plate? Yes. As a hitter, Rodriguez has a .214 betting average with two homers and 19 RBIs.


I dont understand why davey johnson would want a player like burnett, yes hes a lefty, but when he cant even get left handers out, theres definitly a problem

@Alex Howard: I totally agree. What good is another lefty in the bullpen who gives up leads and HRs almost every time he pitches?

Other than Tyler Clippard, I’m not surprised to see any of these names on a trade list. I’d hate to see Clip go. I know some of them are going to go; I just hope we don’t only get prospects or more temp players for them.

Antonelli should get a shot he’s now healthy he fell into the nationals lap now be smart and use him

I disagree with the comment that Clippard’s the best reliever. Yes he was an all-star but Storen’s been nails as the closer.

Would be painful to part with Desmond and Bernadina, but I understand it. Agree, it would have to be a blow away to give up Clippard. But Laynce Nix? Aren’t we trying to get MORE offense, not less? Laynce is a fine hitter and shows that when given a chance to play he is a solid .280 hitter with power and rbi ability. Just look at tonight’s game. Playing with an injured Achilles he drives in two huge runs. Hunter Pence, I pull the trigger on a trade, but Lance Nix is the big bat we need to move around in the outfield, even when King Bryce comes up next year.

Nix has no spot on the team in the future. And we can’t expect him to hit this well forever, so we need to sell him while we can get something for him. Not Pence, that would be ridiculous. Nix right now could bring in a bullpen arm thats almost major league ready. And thats the most he’ll ever be worth because no one around the league expects him to keep this up. I see the Angels as fits.

Regarding everyone else on the list, you have to be able to listen on anyone. Its like trading 101. Even if someone called Rizzo and said, “I want Harper and Strasburg.” Rizzo would still listen because that means he would get an enormous return. So even if your favorite player is doing well, don’t be suprised if their name comes up in rumors. That just means they want to hear what they could possibly reel in for them.

Bernadina has turned a corner offensively and is an above average center fielder with a huge upside. He’s a keeper. Ian Desmond has shown remarkable improvement defensively, still needs to learn how to be patient and pick out good pitches to swing at. Big upside, a keeper. Jason Marquis would fit in nicely as the #4 or 5 starter behind Zimm, Stras, and should Wang, and Peacock pan out. Marquis has been very consistent, a keeper. Nix is also a keeper, as is Clippard. I would also keep Burnett, though he is having trouble spotting his pitches. He has good stuff and is the rare lefty in the pen. The rest of the players listed, I love them all, but are expendable IMHO.

Unload Desmond (it’s time to move on from him) and Burnett and perhaps even Clippard. No way they should trade Bernadina and I like Nix. Gorzelanny can also go and they can toss in LaRoach, Stairs, and Werth if anybody would pick up that contract (which they won’t).

What they should do is keep Bernandina, and dump Werth, huge contract and all; take his price off their income tax. He’s “werthless”. Stairs is equally bad, dump him, a pinter “hitter” who can’t hit. Harper hasn’t made it yet, but if he does, he can play right field. Nix is good, but not as good as Bernandina. Burnett should be first to be traded; he’s not pitching anymore, and Slaten wouldn’t be any worse. Coffey should be dealt and Marquis should bring in somebody good. With a 3.92 ERA he’s just not that dependable, even though his record makes him look better than he is, and he does have some good nights, like last night.

For the love of God, dump Matt Stairs! He’s just taking up space on the 40 man!!!

I wouldn’t be so quick to get rid of Burnett. He has stunk it up this year, but I would wait to see if he returns to form before the end of the year and then have him for next year. If he doesnt return to form then trade him in the off season. His stock is so low right now you wouldnt get anything for him either. Best bet is to hold on to him for now and see if he can turn it around before seasons end. Lets not forget that he didnt give up a run last year in his last 15 appearences. If he goes on that streak again, everyone will forget about what he has done because his ERA will be back down and he will have helped win games down the stretch. Clippard ble 10 saves last year and is like 1 for 20 in his career on SVO, so lets not just dump somone for a couple bad months. Just sayin’…

I see the only absolute intouchables as Zimm and Zimm, Storen, Lannan, Morse, Espinosa, Werth (only because of the contract), and Ramos. I would also keep LaRoche on the assumption that he will recover from the injury that plagued him from the onset and that he can return to his historical form at bat as well as in the field (also freeing Morse to go back to the outfield). Clip should be a keeper unless it’s a huge deal that absolutely knocks our socks off. I feel the same way about Mattheus — he looks very good. For everybody else including Bernadina, Desmond, Nix, Bixler, Coffey, Burnett, Cora, Detwiler, and Flores, I would say it all depends on what we get in return. They all have upside, but if we can get some top-flight players in their prime in for them, hey, go for it. Because we are still marginally in the Wild Card race (or more realistically shooting for an above .500 finish), but hopefully don’t want to rush Strasburg’s return or the call-up of Harper and Peacock, the tough call remains dealing Marquis and/or Gorzelanny before year’s end, as well as Livo, who is on life support on any given day.

The idea of a core of starters next year being Strasburg, Zimmermann, Lannan and Peacock + a fifth keeper (Wang, if he recovers) or a trade is very exciting. LaRoche at 1st, Espinosa at 2nd or short along with another infielder if Desmond is dealt, Zimm at 3rd, Morse and Werth (hoping he gets over whatever it is he’s been struck by) in the OF with Harper and either Bernadina or Nix as 4th if either is still here, and Ramos behind the plate, strikes me as a very good starting team.

I completely agree. I believe everybody is replaceable. It all depends on what you get for in return. However, you dont want to get shorted on a Coffey or Burnett deal because there numbers are a little off this year. Those 2 are solid bullpen guys and I think that if the offer is right then trade them but dont get rid of both of them just to get rid of them

Dude, I agree with everything you said except for one thing. NO WAY Mike Morse goes back to the outfield. He’s a natural at first base. The guy was an All-American short stop in his younger days, and except for that one game with the three errors he has been flawless in the field. LaRoche is slightly better defensively, but this is only Morse’s first season at the position. Clearly, Mike Morse is a power-hitting first baseman.

I can not understand why Davey Johnson does not bench Jason Werth. Yes he is being paid big bucks but he is absolutely hurting the Nats both as a hitter and as a fielder. He needs to be benched. I was hoped that the All – Star break would help but it obviously did not. He does not have the Phillies players to support him any more and has to get used to the rest of the Nats.

Look at Davey Johnson’s history as a manager. He was patient with Ray Knight, Rafael Santana and Jerry Hammonds when they were down. He will do the same for Werth. Don’t expect Werth to be benched.

Chien-Ming Wang? He is not a part of the long-term plans. It’s fine to trade Marquis, but it’s not to clear room for Wang.

Trade Ian Desmond and Jayson Worth, not Bernadina. I’d rather have Bernadina in RF than Worth. Nats need the center fielder Michael Bourn (CF, and lead off). Bring up both Antonelli and Stephen Lambardozzi. Put Espi as SS and Lambardozzi at 2B. Antonelli can play.

I like Laynce Nix, too. I like this team as it is but there are still a few tweaks needed.

Harper is coming up next year so I can see trading Nix for something really good like a good, young starter. Good if you can get it.

What in the world are people seeing in Bernadina that makes him a keeper? I have no problem with him on the roster, but he’s not in the mix for a starting job with us. If some other team wants to give him that chance, we should take what we can get. His value’s probably as high as it’s going to go right now.

I’ve watched Harper play in (low class A ) Hagerstown. There was nothing exceptional about him. In fact he looked lost in two of his at bats. There is no way he’ll be promoted to Nationals next year. There is way too much expected of him. Wish I could be proven wrong, but he’s not going to save us any time soon, if ever.

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