Friday’s starting lineup for Nats, Rockies

Gonzalez – CF
Herrera – SS
Helton – 1B
Wigginton – LF
Ellis – 2B
Garner – RF
Stewart – 3B
Iannetta – C
Hammel – P

Bernadina – LF
Espinosa – 2B
Zimmerman – 3B
Morse – 1B
Werth – RF
Ankiel – CF
Ramos – C
Desmond – SS
Lannan – P

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Going forward, you have to wonder how much more confidence Davey Johnson will show in the Nats million dollar baby Jason Werth. Most logic would have had Werth bunting in the 9th to move the man on first over to second. Instead Johnson left Werth to swing away and was rewarded by Werth completely missing on a down and away pitch he clearly should not have swung on. This also facilitated a caught stealing out on the man going from 1st to 2nd which should not have happened. It is not easy to second guess Johnson. He has been right far to many times to question. Werth, however, maybe the acid test of a Manager who likes to place his trust and confidence in players who possibly may not deserve such trust.

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