Sources: Yankees have eyes on Nats’ Burnett

The Yankees have expressed interest in Nationals left-hander Sean Burnett, according to two baseball sources with knowledge of the situation. However, two additional sources said the two clubs haven’t had any discussions about Burnett — yet.

According to one source, Burnett is one of many relievers around the Major Leagues the Yankees are looking at. The club is looking for another lefty to join Boone Logan in the bullpen.

Burnett is having a first half he would like to forget. In 39 games, Burnett has allowed 18 runs in 29 innings. Opponents are hitting .277 against him.

It would seem unlikely that Washington would trade Burnett because manager Davey Johnson said recently to local reporters that he would like to have two left-handers out of the bullpen. Johnson currently has Burnett and Ross Detwiler out of the ‘pen.

If they make a trade, the Nationals have made it known that they are looking for two-way position players and starting pitching.

Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo was not available for comment.


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I think that we all missing something here. The brilliance of Davey Johnson. Washington sports and fans finally have a head coach that they can count on. Unlike the idiots at Ashburn, Va. and the those that coach the biggest bunch of professional choking dogs in professional hockey. Davey Johnson is a winner and because of him so will the fans of Washington, D.C. and its Metro area finally be winners as well!

Mike Morse is President of first base, Washington Nationals. And thats what matters.
You need to take some ‘ludes, dude.

They can have him.

I like Burnett, but a half season of slamming my head against the wall due to his 6 blown saves…they can have him.

Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE let the Yankees take Burnett. The sooner the better.

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I dont think we should get rid of Burnett yet. He had a great season last year and is having probably one of the worst first half of a season I have seen, besides Werth. Even with all of that the Nats are a game above .500 with how bad he is doing. If he turns it around in the second half to be like he was last year then I think it would help the team tremendously and give them a push at the wild card.

Burnett for Hanrahan? Nyjer Morgan let go? Hate to be a Monday quarterback, but hey!!

Hanrahan wasn’t pitching that great when he was with the nationals, so I am sure the fans were calling for his head like you are burnetts. Maybe you shouldnt let someone go so soon, lets not make that mistake with burnett, he did good for us last year

If you don’t want to overuse Storen, well you are pretty much doing the same thing to Burnett, but nobody is saying anything because he is doing bad. Storen has 43 appearences, Burnett 40, and Clip 39. I think all 3 of these guys are being used to much. Ecspecially with Burnett doing as bad as he is, if some of the other guys could take some workload so Burnett could try and figure it out before its to late. I know some of Burnett’s appearences are for 1 or 2 outs, but he still has to get hot and all that so it is putting a strain on his body too. I am not making an excuse for him, I just think if some of the other guys step up it would make it a lot easier for everybody

Yes, please take him. We would be better off getting a bag of balls or a few bats in a trade for him. At least a bag of balls or bats wouldn’t blow so many damn games.

How much money do the Yanks want to take him off our hands?

Clippard blew 10 games last year and I didnt see everybody all over his back? He is having a bad year no doubt. Hopefully he can turn it around

Any chance they want Stairs too?

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