Harper promoted to Double A Harrisburg

WASHINGTON — Bryce Harper has been promoted from Class A Hagerstown to Double A Harrisburg, MLB.com has learned on Monday morning.

Harper, 18, has lived up to the hype of being the first overall pick in 2010 First-Year Player Draft. In 72 games for Class A Hagerstown, Harper hit .318 with 16 home runs and 46 RBIs.

Harper will be on center stage once again Sunday, for he will play in the 2011 Futures Game for the U.S. in Phoenix on July 10.

Harper recently played in the South Atlantic All-Star Game, a game in which he went 0-for-2 with an RBI. Harper said his first All-Star appearance will not compare to what he will go through in Arizona.

“[Playing in the recent All-Star] game was awesome, but I feel it’s just a miniature game compared to the Futures Game,” Harper said. “I was around a group of guys in the Sally League that are going to be big leaguers one day, but being able to go to the Futures Game and play there, it’s going to be an incredible experience.”


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Pingback: 18-year-old Senator: Bryce Harper promoted to Double-A

Hearing Phil Wood try to rationalize the need for Rick Ekstein on his show “Nats Talk Back Live” gets more comical every time the subject comes up. It is pretty obvious what Phil’s job is and that is to protect all of Mike Rizzo’s hires at all times against all interlopers, fans and enemy’s both foreign and domestic now and for ever or at least until the end of Phil’s contract. In this Sundays talk show session he inadvertantly but absolutely made the case for not having a hitting instructor at all. Hey Phil baby if a hitting instructor really does not make that much difference why, indeed, do we need to pay the exorbitant salary we are paying Ekstein at all. Why not fire this piece of baseball lead weight and go out and buy ourselves a flashy new Dominican prospect. A prospect who hopefully had a much better hitting instructor down in the Dominican Republic than the present piece of hitting instructor ineptitude that we now have infesting the Nationals clubhouse.

Wow, Harold is every kind of classless.

Agreed on Eckstein needing to go, but the rest is just the vitriolic ramblings of a king douche.

Sorry Joe if I offended you but I am sick and tired of the baseless defense of this guy (Ekstein). I put it in a strong way yes, but my point was that Wood needs to stop making excuses for the guy.

Mr. Greene I just want to add on a little to my previous comment to you. I may come on a little strong in my comments about Mr. Wood, but no less strongly than Wood comes on to the poor shmucks who call in to his show having the temerity to criticize. Now I understand that most callers probably and maybe are fallacious in their criticisms but all should be treated with respect. Some actually do have valid criticisms, like that caller on Wood’s show yesterday. He did not deserve to be slapped down and treated with a lot of fallacious logic. A little integrity is called for here. If you listen to Wood’s show you will find that it is his job to protect anything to do with Rizzo’s hires. He has never given credit to a listener no matter how valid the logic the listener may have with regard to that sort of thing. That’s what I got mad about yesterday and I will not apologize for it. It may have been vitriolic ramblings to you but to me it was constructive sarcasm which I think Wood richly deserved. Finally, if you think Ekstein should go why don’t you say something!

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