Dunn: Pitching helps Nationals improve

White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn said Sunday that the Nationals are a much improved team because of their pitching staff.

Entering Monday’s action, the Nationals have the fifth best ERA in the National League. They also are 40-38 and just 3 1/2 games behind the Braves in the Wild Card lead.

“I don’t think everybody knew they would be good this quickly,” Dunn said. “Everybody is [playing well].The pitching is that much better. With Jordan Zimmermann being a 100 percent healthy, it’s huge for the team.”

Dunn also said the Nationals made an excellent choice by hiring Davey Johnson as their new manager. Johnson will manage his first game with the team Monday night against the Angels. Dunn played for Johnson during the World Baseball Classic in 2009.

“If there is any manager who could make a difference on a club, it would be Davey,” Dunn said. “I had a chance to be with him at the WBC and he is awesome, awesome, awesome. He was really positive and had a lot of fun. Plus, he immediately had every one’s respect when he stepped in the dugout.”


Lots of love to you Dunn; we miss u back hear in DC..gone, but NEVER forgotten!

The Nationals are much improved for the reasons that Dunn cited and because he is no longer playing first base for them.

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