Thursday’s lineups for Nats, Mariners

Ichiro – RF
Ackley – 2B
Kennedy – 3B
Smoak – 1B
Olivo – C
Carp – LF
Gutierrez – CF
Wilson – SS
Pineda – P

Bernadina – CF
Werth – RF
Zimmerman – 3B
Morse – 1B
Espinosa – 2B
Rodriguez – C
Hairston – LF
Marquis – P
Desmond – SS


Werth not leading off…finally.

agree. better at #2 with Bernadina leading off

move werth down to 5th. he hasn’t hit at the top of the order and needs to get things straightened out.

Godfather Rizzo does it again. Essentially forcing out one of the most hard working, brilliant and inovative Managers the Major Leagues have seen in years. Riggleman’s resourcefulness comes at a premium where most who attain that job are rather pedestrian. Never was it so evident that Rizzo plays favorites. Who does the Godfather expect to replace Riggleman with, Yunesky Maya his favorite pitching reclamation project! One things for sure, the next guy to be lured to that underpaid position better keep the team winning and know how to kiss the Godfather’s ring (and you know I was thinking of something else.) Farewell Jimmie boy, you will be missed.

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