Rizzo must decide on manager

General manager Mike Rizzo is expected to name a new skipper for the rest of the season no later than Monday.

It’s only speculation, but one has to assume that third-base coach Bo Porter and bench coach John McLaren are candidates.

Porter interviewed for the job after the 2009 season, but Jim Riggleman ended up being named the permanent manager. Porter is considered one of the reasons Washington has improved its defense this season.

McLaren, who is currently the interim skipper, managed the Mariners in 2007 and ’08. The team was 66-88 under his leadership. As a member of the Nationals, McLaren would take over the managerial duties once Riggleman was ejected from a game.

The Nationals could also turn to Randy Knorr, who has moved up the ladder in the Nationals’ Minor League system. He managed Class A Potomac and guided them to the 2008 Carolina League Mills Cup.

Last year, Knorr guided Double-A Harrisburg to the Wild Card Western Division Championship. Knorr is currently managing Triple-A Syracuse.

Knorr, a Minor League manager dating back to 2005, also has the distinction of managing Ryan Zimmerman, Drew Storen and Stephen Strasburg before they reached the big leagues.

Rizzo could turn to Bobby Valentine, who was a finalist before Riggleman was named permanent manager.

Valentine has .510 winning percentage (1,117-1,072) in 15 seasons while managing the Mets and Rangers. His best year was in 2000, when he guided the Mets to the World Series. Valentine also managed in Japan, guiding Chiba Lotte to the 2005 Japan Series title.


Davey Johnson.

Whoever it is, hopefully Rizzo treats him with a little more respect.

We should be celebrating the Nationals passing the .500 mark; instead, we got this. Is it any wonder Washington baseball fans are inherent fatalists?

I can’t believe that the front office couldn’t extend Jim Riggleman the courtesy he deserved. I’m here in Chicago and was looking forward to rooting for my Nationals but after this fiasco I’m rethinking my allegiance.

Seriously dude???

Riggs did a great job, one of Washington’s own…. I am sorry he was treated this bad as the team seems to be turning the corner………Senators FAN since 1969!!!!!!

same here and agree wholeheartedly. 1969 Frank Howard fan club here..

Incredible…. fire Rizzo, rehire Riggleman and make him GM/Manager…. a true gentlemen who was strung along and given a raw deal… Looks like another lost year….

You sir are right on!!

How’s this sound….player/manager Pudge!

As a Chiefs fan, you can’t get Knorr out of here fast enough!!

Maybe Rizzo will follow the Marlins model, and name Frank Robinson or
Felipe Alou to take over.

This is a typical Nationals move. I can’t believe you disrespect Riggleman this way and let him walk. We’d be better of if Rizzo had walked the plank.

Mike wants the job!!! he knows best?

Having nothing intelligent to add, let me just point out that Mike Rizzo is a Syth Lord.

There is no reason to hasten a decision on a long term replacement for Riggleman. The culture of accepting losses is now over and will be enhanced by carefully choosing the next manager. If we get a vote in this forum, I vote for Davey Johnson…

Rizzo – Riggleman problem stemmed from the albatross Rizzo stuck us with in RF. Think it’s bad now, wait til years 5-6-7. The Werth deal proved to me that Rizzo is over his head as GM.

Ego’s, ego’s, ego’s… Neither was right and now we have a really stupid situation here in DC – a winning team (11 out of the last 12) and a manager who quits! The Nats are following the example of the Redskins and the politicians!

Hard to believe they could not work something out and keep things steady for the year, I would have liked seeing what the end result would have been. Rigs deserved some good times after helping this team mature into a great group of competitors. Rigs was a man who deserved respect and had a fantastic make up I am surprised he walked, perhaps the most shocking part of this whole story.

Here’s a different point of view: Riggleman had a contract to manage the Nationals this year and he didn’t honor it. He quit on his team in the midst of their best streak of play in 6 years. He put his own concerns before those of the team. I have no doubt that Riggleman’s contract for next year would have been picked up at some point. But you don’t tell your boss “do this for me now or else.” That seldom works, and reflects poor judgment and even immaturity.

Unfortuneately there are very managers who actually make their teams better than they would be otherwise. No really good managers are available. All of the really good ones are already on Teams that they have a winning track record with, so they are not going anywhere anytime soon. (I.e. La Russa, Francona, Soscia, Maddon, …)

Rizoo, what a freaking jerk! Get Riggs back asap. The fans demand it – get your freaking ego out of the equation doggonnit..

Hey what about Bob Schaefer !!!

get him back asap and restore ur credablity!

Lerner’s and Rizzo totally disrespected jim Riggleman, asking to pick up his option for one year at 600k and being told no was a huge slap in the face. Rizzo needs to look at his blunders not being able to sign Texeria, Cliff Lee, or a quality starter, than signing pathethic players lke Maya, and Wang paying them over a milion dollars and they have accomplished zilch. Not to mention having a healthy Flores wasting in the Minor leagues when that NATs could be platooning him with Ramos, signing Ankiel and hoping he could be your everyday centerfielder and lead off hitters was mind blowing, Lerner and Rizzo deserve credit for some of thier moves but need to take blame for thier blunders and disrespecting Riggleman for holding this team together was truly unacceptable, they should be ashammed.

The team was winning despite Riggleman, not because of him. The win streak is because of the players on the field, not the manager. Guess who brought those players to Washington. Cut Rizzo a break. He should extend Riggleman even though he is not sure he is the man for next year? Why, because he is a nice guy? BS. This is a business. Mark my words, the team will be better off without Riggleman.

Mike how about Hal Lanier, as the manager with Houston, 22 games over 500 for three season.

Riggleman quit….he quit the team….the players….the fans….the city of Washington…no one forced him out….he is an idiot….should have finished the season and if the Nats were sucessful…..the team would probably have offered him his contract….he made poor choices here….his loss….enjoy working at Walmart.

If Riggleman walked away, knowing he’d probably never manage again and knowing his team was just now starting to show respectable play, it must have been an untenable situation for him. It’s also very hard to believe that a club can find a permanent replacement in three days, unless there was already something cooking. There’s more here than meets the eye.

Interesting, Rizzo plays the game and disrespects a manager that was making the Nationals a real team and contender. It was really funny how he had Davie Jihnson in the waiting area to be in place so quick. This was Rizzos plan. It is so crazy these big league GM’s think they know what is needed and they make big mistakes hen they are making big gains. Rizzo needs to go, before the Nats end up like the Mets after there last GM, in the hole, with no money. Rigglemen was a man of honor, loyality and respect. He stood strong and didn’t deserve being treated like garbage, he bulit the team and built respect of the team and the Community which supports the team. Maybe the Community should now show Rizzo and the Owner that they don’t respect the poor disicions and make sure to not support the Nats. The fans all know Rigglemans leadership, was doing great things for the team, Rizzo go find another job for yourself, you have made a mistake.

I agree with Rich. Something seems like it was bubbling beneath the surface. But, where has Riggleman’s agent or any advisers? How come nobody grabbed him by his arm as he headed towards the clift? I’m glad we have Davey Johnson as the manager now. There seems to be some managers who inspire a good effort and typically finish at the top, and managers who like Riggleman know what they’re doing and are decent guys, but just don’t get the same effort from the team.

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