LaRoche returns to Nationals Park

After Sunday’s 7-4 loss to the Orioles, Nationals 1B Adam LaRoche was spotted in the locker room, three days after he had surgery to repair labrum and rotator cuff tears in his left shoulder.

The doctors told LaRoche that he should be ready to perform baseball activities in six months.

“Talking to [Dr.] Wiemi [Douoguih], he is real comfortable the way the surgery turned out and what he saw. Now I just wait and stick with their program,” LaRoche said. “It’s sore now. It’s the first surgery I’ve ever had. I thought it would be a lot worse. It’s a good start so far.”

During Spring Training, LaRoche was diagnosed with a torn labrum, and he began to feel in mid-May that the shoulder was hurting his swing. In 43 games, LaRoche was hitting .172 with three home runs and 15 RBIs.

While the shoulder didn’t hurt when he swung the bat, LaRoche felt it was weak, and the reason he could not generate much power.

“It took longer to realize that my shoulder had something to do with the lack of power,” LaRoche said.

The only time his shoulder was in pain was when he threw the baseball. LaRoche was originally told that he could play the entire season with the injury.

However, by May 22nd, LaRoche wanted to get a second opinion on the shoulder and went to New York the next day. The doctors ended up finding a tear in his rotator cuff as well.

“If anything else, I should have [received a second opinion] a few weeks before,” LaRoche said. “It’s good to get it over with. Now the struggle is going to be watching a bunch of games and not be able to play in them.”


What a shame that the slow coach Riggleman played LaRoche when he was risking serious injury. Riggleman needs to go.

Have you ever studied logic or reasoning? The article states that no one knew LaRoche’s true injury, not even LaRoche, until he got the second opinion. That’s not Riggleman’s fault. If anything, maybe you could blame the medical staff, or really just the doctor that told him he could play all season, but ultimately it’s up to Adam to tell them if he’s not feeling right.

I think the criticism should be aimed at the Nats medical staff, not the Manager. If the medical folks say LaRoche is good to go, what is Riggleman supposed to do? He is a baseball manager, not an orthopedic surgeon. The Nats should have gotten a second opinion and LaRoche should have demanded one. Bob Mills

After watching Adam LaRoche. play for the Nats, I couldn’t be more excited about his return next year. He is a class act, a first rate player and someone who will add significantly to the team’s performance. Have a great rehab and hurry back soon, Adam!!!

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