Fans show up at Nationals Park

The Nationals and Orioles drew 107,615 fans during their three-game series this weekend at Nationals Park.

The huge turnout had a lot to do with the fact that the Nationals are playing well. They were in third place and on an eight-game winning streak before losing to the Orioles, 7-4, on Sunday.

Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth said when a team puts a good product on the field and starts winning ballgames, the fans will show up.

“I thought it was awesome,” Werth said about the crowds this weekend. “I think this town wants to support a winning team. If we keep winning and playing good, I think this town will be really proud of this team. They will show up every night.”

When Drew Storen entered the game Friday to pick up his 17th save, the crowd was loud when he jogged to the mound.

“That fires me up even more,” Storen said. “I’m already pretty pumped to come in. When you get that kind of ovation, you get that support, it goes a long way. It just makes it a lot of fun.”


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It was GREAT to be at NatsTown yesterday. Glad the players appreciate the fan support. The fans in this town are starved on losing and/or disappointment. We do want to cheer on a winner and will come out in big numbers when this or any team really gets rolling. Attendance this weekend shows that. I believe the Nats are a good news story only getting better – a sound organization with players who play hard and make you want to cheer them on. Let’s GO NATS!!!

Great quote Jayson. Good points, and you well understand the dynamic from your years in Philly. Now, if only your BAT would show up for the Nats, THEN they might really get excited? What’s wrong Jayson? Could it be this bizarre positioning of you in hitting slot #1 has you discombobulated?

He hasn’t been in that possition very long..nope that’s not it?

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