Wednesday’s lineup for Nationals, Cardinals

Theriot – SS
Rasmus – CF
Pujols – 3B
Berkman – 1B
Brown – RF
Jay – LF
Molina – C
Schumaker – 2B
McClellan – P

Werth – RF
Bernadina – CF
Zimmerman – 3B
Nix – LF
Morse – 1B
Espinosa – 2B
Rodriguez – C
Hernandez – P
Desmond – SS

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OK, I take it all back. Rich Ekstein has these guys hitting like the “the ’26 YANKEES”. Ryan Zimmerman obviously has supplied the spark that this team was waiting for. The only thing I may have been right about was the fact that Yunesky Maya was never the starter they hoped he would be. The fact that they sent him down to the minors kind of bears this out. Still as I said before he could turn out to be a valuable long reliever so I wish Mr. Maya well.
I hope the Nationals now can get to .500 by the All Star Break. If they can, who knows what they could accomplish through the rest of the season. Go NATS!!!!!!

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