Starting pitching doing wonders for Nationals

Starting pitching is the reason the Nationals are never out of a ballgame this season. They rank seventh in the National League with a 3.76 ERA.

Lately, the starting staff has been even better. In their last 13 games, Washington starters have allowed two earned runs or fewer 11 times. They are 6-3 with a 2.25 ERA during that span.

Manager Jim Riggleman said he never had a starting staff that threw better than the one he has right now.

“I’ve never had a club that has done that anywhere. This is really good pitching. It’s really a lot of good performances,” Riggleman said. “When your starters get you 18 to 21 outs, you have a really good chance because you are going to get some matchups you prefer late in the ballgame.”


Good hitting wins regular season games…good pitching wins championships. 2011 is the beginning, Strasburg comes back, the Nats add another top line pitche, Bryce Harper arrives in DC and they learn how to win in 2012. 2013 they compete with the Phillies for the division

Pitching yes, and defense too. The Nats have now gone over 100 innings without an error, a franchise record. I believe the record for most consecutive games without an error is held by the ’09 Yankees with 18. So that’s – what? – 162 innings? I hope fans stand up and cheer at the park when the streak ends, if only because overall fielding defense is much too under-appreciated.

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