Hairston to play Saturday vs. Padres

Nationals third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. hasn’t been able to play the last three games because of lower back stiffness, however manager Jim Riggleman said that Hairston will be able to start at third base against the Padres on Saturday evening at Petco Park.

Hairston said the back problems occurred when he woke up Tuesday morning. He went to AT&T Park in San Francisco early to get treatment, but his back stiffened up by the middle of the game.

In the fifth inning against the Giants, Hairston was in the batter’s box and in pain while swinging the bat. After walking to load the bases, Hairston left the game and was seen walking gingerly into the clubhouse.


Meanwhile, at the other corner, just for conversation, let’s look at Mike Morse v. Adam Dunn

56 games, 237 plate appearances, 194 AB
6 HR, 26 RBI, 35 hits .180 average

55 games, 189 plate appearances, 173 AB
10 HR, 36 RBI, 53 hits, .306 average

Of course, no-one could have predicted this last year. I think.

Good point.

The Dunn trade was one of the smartest moves made this year. It IS the reason that we are in the defensive position we are this year. LaRoche does not return this year and let the magic happen!

I did. He’s a lot better looking too

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