Zimmerman to have rehab assignment in Syracuse

Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman is scheduled to begin a Minor League rehab assignment for Triple-A Syracuse on Saturday against the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre at 7:00 PM.

The plan is for Zimmerman to play Saturday and Sunday, take the day off Monday and then be taken off the disabled list before the Nationals play against the Cardinals on Tuesday at Nationals Park.

Zimmerman was a combined 6-for-12 (.500) with two RBIs in rehab stint games for Class-A Hagerstown and Class-A Potomac. Zimmerman has been recovering from a torn abdominal muscle and has not appeared in a Major League game since April 9. He underwent surgery on May 3.

Zimmerman has played in eight games with the Nationals this season. He is 10-for-28 [.357] with one home run and four RBIs.


The Second Coming of Zimmerman will not help the Nats with their hitting woes. Yes it will strengthen the line up some but with most of the rest of the lineup hitting around .200 or less, Zim will not turn out to be the Messiah some in this organization would like you to think. I still think the fault lies with Rick Ekstein. It was his job to get these guys to hit close to their career averages and he has not done it. Of course Godfather Rizzo limits Ekstein’s exposure to the press and all of those probing and embarrasing questions, but it really does not matter the results on the field are plain for all to see. It is really sad. If the Nats had played .500 baseball or better this year which is now unlikely they had a golden opportunity to build a solid fan base for baseball in this town supplanting that group of knuckleheads that call itself a professional sports franchise in Asburn, Virginia. But Godfather Rizzo has blown this opportunity by failing to support and emphasize hitting on this ball club. It is really a shame.

Youre full of crap Harold. If you dont think that the return of your best player will make an immediate impact you’re crazy. Your facts and stats are exaggerated to suit your agrguement as well. Take your pessimism and go “front-run ” for some team like the Phillies or Yankees. If you’re not a fan now.. Winning or losing.. You never will be. Teams don’t need to win all of he time to have fans… Look at the Boston Red Sox or the Chicago Cubs. What their fans do have is pride and loyalty something you’ve proved to know nothing about.

My guess is inserting Zimmerman into the line-up will give everyone in the line-up a boost and make the entire team more consistent hitters and run producers. One strong ally can be the difference in winning the battle and eventually the war. Zimmerman is the best hitter and along with LaRoache, the best fielder on the team. How could he not effect the other National players in a positive way? That’s how all of us Nats’ fans hope it works out, anyway.

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If Zimm had been in the lineup all along this year, a key hit here and there, the way the pitching has been and the close games they have lost, .500 or better would be a definite reality. Hitting is contagious and when that magic moment happens, spirits are lifted, confidence grows and good things happen. Maybe I have watched The Natural too many times.

The return of the team’s best player to the line up has to give a boost to their confidence and will change the pitching equation for the opponents. In fact, the Nats are in almost every game they have played this year and that’s progress. This is a much better team. Let’s look for much improvement in the second half.

Mike you hit on the head. Your either a Nats fan or your not. Win or lose.

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No doubt that Zim will strengthen the offense. Pitchers will have to change how the approach pitching to the first five hitters because of Zim’s batting prowess. Of course, there is more to the Nats offensive woes than Zim’s absence. I am not high on Ekstein, but I do not believe having him talk to the press would have any positive affect on his coaching ability. If the the sportswriters knew the answers they would be coaches instead of writers. I used to live in Kansas City when the Royals were winning penants and the world series (1). They had a hitting coach named Charlie Lau who helped George Brett and others reach their full potential. The Nats need to find a current day Chalie Lau.

You don’t have to be a rah rah type to be a consistent fan. I very rarely miss a game that I either watch or listen to. I have been doing this for as long as the Nats have been in existence and before that the Senators. I do not give a flying f–k about the Redskins, I am a baseball fan through and through. I can see great things for this team but they have to score runs. My being critical does not make me a fair weather fan. If I was I would not waste any time making comments about them. I hope your right that Zimmerman can make a difference, but history shows that there are very few players who can carry a club on their back and if they do it is not for very long. I don’t know what the formula is for improving the overall hitting of this club is but it has to be found. There was an old joke about the Senators, that Washington was first in war, first in peace and last in the American League. Wouldn’t it be nice if that refrain was not picked up by the Nationals but for the last two seasons the Nats were last in the National league and if you have not missed it somehow, that’s where they are now!

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