Nationals looking into remarks made by Houchins

On Wednesday, the last day of the First-Year Player Draft, Nationals scouting director Kris Kline was talking about Zach Houchins’ abilities as a hitter. Houchins, a shortstop from North Carolina, was the team’s 15th round pick. He already has made a commitment to East Carolina University.

On Thursday, however, local reporters were trying to get the team’s reaction to racial remarks made by Houchins on his Twitter account, which was deleted later that night.

“We’re aware of, and are investigating, the statements,” general manager Mike Rizzo said through a team spokesman.


what’d he say?

He’s a white kid using the n-word. That’s all you need to know. He also made homophobic comments, but I doubt anyone would take that as seriously (even though they should).

I see that Bill Ladson is now friends with Zach Houchins on Facebook. It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

No redneck bigots please. Let him go to college and learn something.

He made a lot of racial remarks on Twitter.

I’d give him a pass. After all the problem children the Nats have dealt with over the years, they don’t need somebody with this kind of baggage.

It is a little surprising that they didn’t know about this before. Bet they’ll be doing social media checks from here on out, though.

talk about stupidity, but then again we’re talking twitter here…the tool that has brought out a lot of stupidity from those that just don’t have a clue how to use a tool meant as a means to communicate what is going on in your social life/career/events. I think that Zach Houchins should suffer “double jeopardy”……Washington Nats recind the pick & East Carolina University recinds his scholarship. Let him take it from there, maybe then, he’ll learn something of life & humanity.

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