Nats’ Ramos injured, then angered D-backs

In the top of the second inning of Sunday’s 9-4 victory over the D-Backs, Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos swung at a pitch from right-hander Ian Kennedy and fouled the ball off his left shin.

Ramos was in serious pain and limping for most of the game until the eighth inning, when he hit a three-run homer off right-hander Aaron Heilman to give Washington a 4-0 lead.

Ramos was taking his time running the bases, while D-backs third-base coach Matt Williams was seen yelling at him.

At first, it appeared Ramos was still hurting from the shin injury, but he acknowledged after the game that he was showing up the D-backs for hitting his teammates with pitches during the game.

“I felt like, ‘Ok, I want to see those guy angry,’” he said.


“Showing up” another team with 6 outs still to go? Ramos is real young and it’ll be a lesson to him, I’m sure.

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