Elbow injury forces Werth sit out Friday’s game

Nationals right fielder Jayson Werth sat out Friday’s game against D-backs after being hit on his left elbow by a pitch during Washington’s’ 6-1 victory over Arizona the previous day.

In the ninth inning, with Roger Bernadina on third and right-hander Aaron Heilman the mound, Werth was hit on a 2-0 pitch. In pain, Werth walked slowly to first as manager Jim Riggleman and head athletic trainer Lee Kuntz came to Werth’s aid.

Werth stayed in the ballgame, but he was not ready to play Friday because the elbow was stiff. It didn’t help that the ball hit the ulnar nerve. The team is hoping Werth will be playing on Saturday.

“I really made the decision not to play him. He is pretty stiff,” Riggleman said. ‘That was my call. I didn’t want him to be vulnerable to another shot like that. He was hit in a bad area. He will get treatment now.”

Werth said there wasn’t a need to have an MRI on the elbow because the injury is not considered serious.

“It’s just a contusion,” Werth said. “The issue last night was that it hit the ulnar nerve, so it was like hitting your funny bone really hard. Today we are dealing with just the swelling of the impact, which doesn’t always come down so quickly. … It makes you think a little bit how remarkable Cal Ripken streak actually was.”

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Once again the Nats have tried to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear in continuing to turn Yunesky Maya into a starter. The man simply does not have sufficient talent to pitch past 4 innings of baseball before Major League hitters have him figured out. It looks as though he would make a competent long reliever (which the Nats do need). It is time to face the fact that maybe they overpaid for a Cuban defector they probably did not know enough about. And it is not as though they do not have competent starters in their minor league system that could be brought up. Mike Rizzo did an excellent job in collecting competent pitching talent that is ready and waiting to be used. It is therefore time that he stop the ill fated campaign to turn Maya into a starter to try and justify the money he (Rizzo) spent on him. Maya simply does not have that kind of talent. It is time Rizzo realized that and moved on.

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