Nats looking for center fielder, leadoff hitter

The Nationals are looking to trade for a center fielder and leadoff hitter, according to a baseball source, who also said the club is willing to overpay to get what they want.

Some members in the organization don’t think Roger Bernadina is a center fielder. They feel he belongs in one of the corner spots. Bernadina has been getting most of the playing time in center field lately.

Rick Ankiel, the team’s other center fielder, has not been productive, hitting .214 with a homer and seven RBIs.

Even worse, the Nationals are not getting any production from the leadoff spot. Entering Tuesday’s action, Washington’s leadoff hitters are hitting a combined .195 with a .250 on-base percentage.

If the Nationals look to trade catcher Ivan Rodriguez or reliever Todd Coffey, don’t be surprised if the Nationals ask for a center fielder or leadoff hitter in return.


Realistically, who in baseball would give up a MLB ready leadoff hitter and CF for those two old vets. The Astros wouldn’t want that deal…

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“Wanting” and “getting” are two different things. A leadoff CF will not come cheap, Veterans will not be enough, good prospects will be lost. I can’t see any team giving up such a valuable player/position.

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Texas needs relief pitching:
Endy Chavez or Julio Borbon for Todd Coffey

San Francisco needs catching:
Aaron Rowand (and some cash) for Ivan Rodriguez

Aaron Rowland? He hit .230 last year and is at .245 right now. He was caught stealing 3 out of 8 tries last year and is 1 for 3 this year. He turns 34 in August. What makes him valuable to the Nats? I’m curious.

i don’t think we should be trading for any older center fielders. We have old center fielders. We have old catchers. We have old pinch hitters. How about we make a trde but whatever trade we make the other team has to take Stairs. I mean really.

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