Nats’ Hairston ejected from Friday’s game

During Friday’s 2-1 victory over the Padres, Nationals third baseman Jerry Hairston Jr. was ejected in the bottom of the seventh inning for arguing with home-plate umpire Ed Hickox.

With Padres left-hander Clayton Richard on the mound and Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa on first base, Hairston called time out. Hickox declined, while Richard threw the pitch. Hairston quickly went back in the batter’s box and flied out to center fielder Cameron Maybin for the second out of the inning.

Instead of running to first base, Hairston argued with Hickox, claiming that Richard was quick pitching him and wasn’t giving him enough time to setup in the batter’s box.

Within seconds, Hickox ejected Hairston and almost hit manager Jim Riggleman in the face accidently as he was waving his arm to indicate that Hairston was out of the game. Hickox was not available for comment.

“I played with Clayton Richard and he quick pitches — big time,” Hairston said. “He held the ball and I stepped out. As soon as I stepped back in the box, he was coming. You just can’t do that. You have to let the hitter get set.

“Basically, I asked for help and when I asked for help, I got thrown out. I never cussed at the umpire or anything. I didn’t feel I needed to get thrown out there.”

Riggleman said he knew Hairston would be ejected because he still had the bat in his hand while he was arguing with Hickox.

“I love Jerry. He is a ball of fire,” Riggleman said. “I wanted to get there before he was ejected because when he didn’t run. He was going to get ejected.”

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Interesting ejection. I don’t think Hariston was really over the line, unfortunately though the umpire isn’t obligated to give him the time out, as it looks like here

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