Nats’ Riggleman ejected from Sunday’s game

Nationals manager Jim Riggleman was ejected in the first inning of Sunday’s game against the Orioles.

On the second pitch of the game, it appeared that outfielder Roger Bernadina bunted for a base hit, but home plate umpire Todd Tichneor called Bernadina out for stepping out of the batter’s box while trying to bunt.

At first, Riggleman thought Bernadina was called out for running out of the baseline. A few seconds later, Riggleman learned that Bernadina stepped on home plate while he was bunting.

Riggleman argued for several minutes with Tichneor before the skipper was ejected. It marked the second time Riggleman was tossed from a game this season. Riggleman looked at the video later and realized that Tichneor was right. Bernadina foot was on home plate while trying to bunt.

“It’s like most calls: [The umpires are right] and we are wrong,” Riggleman said. “I didn’t even have an argument. I was just irritated the call was made. … But it’s a call you just never see get made. He got the call right. I don’t know what else I could say.”


EVen though I have watched MLB for the better part of 42+ years, I do not profess to be any kind of expert in the rules. With that said, it is very obvious to me that the Nats still do not get the respect from the umps. I guess once the Nats started winning consistently in spite of the bad calls, then maybe that is when we will be respected and get the calls done legitimately. Just look at the critical balls and strikes in today’s game alone, or the extremely bad call at first in the ninth on Thursday.

You clearly don’t know the rules of the game! He CLEARLY did two things–1) He ran out of the baseline–that’s not allowed; an automatic out… 2) He stepped on HOME PLATE before/as he headed to 1st Base; which is evidently not allowed either, but that makes sense. A GREAT job of umpiring by a veteran part-time MLB Umpire… He should be up here full-time, not part-time!

Proud of Riggelman; jumped in early to defend his player. I was abut 15 rows from the field right off the screen line and saw the entire play. Berndadina did NOT come out of the box. He was moving on the bunt but his back foot was clearly in the middle of the box. Bad call. Bad balls and strikes ump for BOTH teams. Hair trigger; kicking out manager on first at bat is unacceptable. I am a high school football official and that official needs a lot tougher skin. Bob Mills, North Potomac, Maryland

Bob: The call was right. Live with it.

Haha Bob. You say it is a bad call, yet Riggleman says the call was right. You are seriously not even close to being right Bob. Riggleman said it was right. The photo here: shows the call was correct, he was out of the batter’s box.

I have a hard time believing you are a sports official at any level to attack a fellow sports official like this, especially when YOU are so blatantly wrong.

Also, you can’t have any part of your legs outside the zone..if it is one or both. One whole leg was completely out of the zone.

A bush league call by a minor league umpire. Technically correct, but this isn’t high school JV ball, it’s the major leagues. A case of a minor league umpire trying to show off his “knowledge” of the game. The type of thing you’d expect to be called in a co-rec softball game.

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